Region 8 Volunteer Award open for nominations !

The Region 8 Volunteer Award is introduced with the goal of encouraging all volunteers in the Region and of recognizing those volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to a particular Region 8 Section. The Award is a Certificate.

The following are eligible as candidates for the Award:

  • An IEEE member of any membership grade (Student, Graduate Student, Associate, Member, Senior Member,Fellow, Life Fellow).
  • The candidate’s volunteer work is, or has been, on behalf of a Section. The candidate must have been active for at least 2 years in the Section and is not currently the Section Chairman.
  • The candidate receives no remuneration for his work for the Section except possibly expenses.
  • The members of the Region 8 Awards and Recognition Subcommittee, the Past Region 8 Director or the Director-Elect and Region 8 Secretary are ineligible for the Award.

The Region 8 volunteer Award is now open for nominations; deadline for nominations is 31 december 2008. For more information, download: