Statements of Candidature

Read below the statements of candidature of Gerhard Hancke and Jaafar Ibrahim


My vision for Region 8 is to enhance the IEEE Region 8 membership experience and make IEEE an integral part of the members’ profession through all phases of their career. Due to its geographical diversity, Region 8 is an exciting IEEE entity with a unique spectrum of challenges and it is indeed a great privilege to have been nominated a candidate for Region 8 Director-Elect.

If elected, I will ensure that leadership be aware and responsive to the challenges members across the Region face. Region 8 cannot afford to follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach if we are really serious about increasing the real value of IEEE membership. This is an important truth I have learned during my past 12 years of involvement with Region 8 and as MGA Vice Chair – Member Development and Member of the MGA Board (2008/09). As Chair of the Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee I have initiated a number of projects aimed engaging the member and improving membership experience. I would like to be given the opportunity to apply this experience in Region 8.

An essential priority of Regional leadership must be to equip the local leadership with the required knowledge and skills to engage their members, and serve the profession and the society-at-large best. They must be made aware of the IEEE engagement opportunities available to their members and facilitate the process of implementing these at Section level. If I am elected to become R8 Director, I will give Section Chairs the opportunity to sensitize the Region 8 Committee on how to improve existing programs and introduce new opportunities as identified by their local constituency. I will ensure that Section volunteers be rewarded for their volunteer service to the profession and the society.

There should be a better balance between benefits and affordability of membership in all Sections of our Region. Currently, members in some Sections find it extremely hard to pay the dues, while the benefits are less than in some other regions of IEEE. More must be done to bring dues in line with the local economic reality and to deliver value, such as bringing more and relevant professional and technical activities and services to all parts of Region 8.

Recruiting new members is only the first step of member development. It is our duty to engage new and existing members and improving the quality of their IEEE member experience – only then will membership growth and retention be sustainable, as members experience IEEE membership as a vital component of their career development.


I have had the privilege of serving the IEEE in leadership positions at Region 8 for several years. This engagement has allowed me to meet with members from all parts of the Region and learn tremendously from these interactions. It is clear that we are a diverse group of individuals with diverse needs but with a common goal of serving the profession.

We are the largest technical professional association in the world but we must change in order to maintain this elite status. This change calls for increased focus on the members, their overall experience, engagement opportunities, and benefits. If we establish clear member focus we will succeed in growing the overall membership and society participation. By working together we can accomplish our core mission of fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

I look forward to continuing my service for the benefit of the IEEE, its members and the humanity.