Success: Professional Development and Networking Under Madrid’s Plaza Mayor!

[singlepic id=1268 w=237 h=171 float=left] Professional Training Course and Networking Event
Advanced Industrial Control
Joint IEEE IAS and CSS Chapter of Spain

March 26 and 27, 2008
Madrid, Spain

This past March the Joint IEEE Industry Applications and Control Systems Society of Spain hosted 15 professionals, from 11 different organizations and from across Spain and Italy for a joint professional development and networking event in Madrid.

Over the course of the 2-day event, participants completed a training course in advanced industrial control methodologies, and also participated in a networking dinner hosted in one of the historic cellar restaurants located under the Spanish capital’s Plaza Mayor. Participants included seasoned professionals from leading global companies such as Iberdrola and International Rectifier, and leading research institutions such as the Universidad de Zaragoza, the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The event was hosted entirely in English.
Membership Development. Not only was the event a success from a training and networking perspective, but it was also quite successful from a new member recruitment perspective: 3 new IEEE members signed up, 2 of them also choosing to join the Industry Applications Society and the Women in Engineering Community.
Special Guest Speaker. We were also quite lucky to have Dr. Pilar Molina Gaudo, a Senior Member of the IEEE, join participants and share her experiences with the IEEE and in the field of engineering in general. Dr. Gaudo even brought a magnetic levitator as a supporting prop for her discussion.
More Information. To learn more about the event, navigate to the chapter’s web site ( or check out the photo album from the event here.

The chapter wishes to thank all supporters and participants of the event for their collaboration.