Thank you

Dear R8 Committee Members,
I would like to thank You all for our mutually fruitful cooperation during these two years of my term as Region 8 Director, but also for your support, help and advice on which I was always able to count as well as creating the friendly atmosphere of partnership.

At the same time, I would like to wish my successor Marko Delimar a productive term and those who will continue their service at Region 8, the same enthusiasm and a string of successes in their future activities. I would also like to render special thanks to those who finish their work for Region 8 with the end of this year. I hope your time at R8 resulted in many fruitful and unforgettable experiences. All the best in your future careers and personal plans.

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to wish everyone a prosperous and memorable Year 2011. I hope New Year will open up new horizons and offer new opportunities for all of you, but will also continue to find you in good health and bring you satisfaction in both, personal and professional life.

Jozef Modelski
2009-2010 Region 8 Director