The evolution of television from Baird to the digital age

This event will be a ‘celebration’ of the first public demonstration of television in January 1926 at 22 Frith Street London by John Logie Baird, which was attended by some 40 members of the Royal Institution (RIGB). A formal unveiling of an IEEE History Milestone Plaque to mark this achievement will take place at the Bar-Italia coffee shop in Frith Street on 26th January 2017, which is where the 1926 demonstration took place. The event at RIGB on 27th January will cover all of Baird’s TV inventions, setting them into the context of prior and subsequent TV inventions and developments.

Event is free to attend but by invitation only, with sponsorship including the IEEE Life Members Affinity Group, and IEEE Broadcast Technology, Consumer Electronics and Communications Societies.. Anyone is welcome to come to Frith Street to watch the unveiling on the previous day, expected to be at about 1400.

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Date and Time
Friday, 27 January 2017
10:15 – 16:30 GMT

Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.
21 Albemarle Street.
United Kingdom
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