TISP 2.0 Workshop in Lamia

For the first time in Greece, in 29th of March 2013, a team of the IEEE University of Central Greece (UCG) Student Branch, organized two TISP Workshops at the 1st Highschool of Lamia.
Efthymia Arvaniti, Ad hoc member of the Pre-University Works Subcommittee of Region 8 delivered a presentation about IEEE, PUW and IEEE UCG Student Branch.

EPICS Project was discussed with the teachers, and they agreed on preparing a proposal for an EPICS Project in Lamia. Then, the benefits of the Teacher-In-Service-Program were presented, explaining the methodology and its objectives.
On the second part of the presentation, the 42 participating students, were divided in small groups of 3 members, and tried to build a ChairLift with simple materials of everyday use within limited time period.

The excitement of the students could not be described. They collaborated and worked in teams, exchanging ideas on the solution of the given problem. All of them understood what is to be a simple engineer, and many of them want to study in a field of engineering.
The local media advertised the event, and more schools contacted the IEEE UCG Student Branch to participate in the TISP Workshops.