Webinar in R8: Tips for a successful technical publication

A webinar for “Tips for a successful technical publication” was organized in December 2013, by the IEEE R8 Educational Activities Sub-Committee (EASC) Continuing Education (CE), Niovi Pavlidou, Coordinator, and George Papadopoulos, Volunteer. The webinar was intended to the GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) members of the IEEE in R8. The webinar was quite well disseminated through the IEEE e-Notice service, resulting to 126 registrations in the IEEE vtools platform. The event was organized on WebEx facilities and the attendance was satisfactory with about 50 participants taking place. Niovi Pavlidou welcomed the participants and introduced various subcommittees relating to technical activities, with emphasis on educational activities in R8. The central speaker of the webinar was Prof. George Karagiannidis, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Comm. Letters. The duration of the webinar was one hour. Both Prof. Karagiannidis and the organizers-hosts of the event received the enthusiasm of the audience, who congratulated both the organization and the presentation, through many emails before and after the event, and through the WebEx instant messaging system. The successful event was recorded on the WebEx platform and is available to everyone for free in the website of IEEE R8 EASC https://ieeer8.org/category/continuing-education-works/ce-webinars/. Stay tuned to our future events.

George Papadopoulos, IEEE R8 Volunteer for Educational Activities
Niovi Pavlidou, IEEE R8 Coordinator for Educational Activities