R8 Election – OpCom and N&A SubCommittee

Dear R8 Committee Members,

As you know,  OpCom and N&A SubCommittee elections will be held during the Region 8 Committee meeting in Tallinn.
I have a pleasure to inform you that the R8 Nominations & Appointments SubCommittee has approved the following Slates of Candidates:

R8 Treasurer
1. Brian Harrington (UK&RI)

R8 Secretary

1. Ali El-Mousa (Jordan)
2. Hafidh Al-Samarrai (West Saudi Arabia)

Vice Chair – Member Activities

1. Christopher James (UK&RI)
2. Aleksandar Szabo (Croatia)

Vice Chair – Technical Activities

1. Carl Debono (Malta)
2. Elya Joffe  (Israel)

Vice Chair – Student Activities
1. Pablo Herrero (Germany)
2.  Jan Verveckken (Benelux)

N&A SubCommittee
 (3 places)
1. Goce Arsov (Macedonia)
2. Pierre Borne (France)
3. Mourad Loulou (Tunisia)
4. Irina Naidionova (Lithuania)
5. Elias Nassar (Lebanon)
6. Maciek Ogorzalek (Poland)
7. Thanos Skordas (Greece)
8. Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh (Iran)
9. Nicolae Tapus (Romania)

All candidates satisfy relevant requirements and have confirmed their willingness to run.

Additional candidates may be added to the slates by petition, signed by a minimum of 15 R8 Committee members eligible to vote in the election (voting members:  56 Section Chairs and  8 OpCom  members). Petition must be submitted to R8 Director (Marko Delimar) or Secretary (Costas Stasopulos)  before the deadline of September 8, 2012.

Bios and satatements of all candidates will be sent to you before September 22

Best regards
Jozef Modelski 
N&A SubCommittee Chair