A joint scientific week comprised of two conferences:

18th International Conference on
Microwaves, Radar, and Wireless Communications MIKON-2010
June 14-16

11th International Radar Symposium IRS 2010
June 16-18

MIKON is a traditional conference of the Polish microwave community organized since 1969, which turned into an important biannual international event in 1989. The highlights from the last MIKON (Wroclaw 2008) can be found in IEEE Microwave Magazine, December 2008. Now for the first time, MIKON is organized outside the borders of Poland – this move being yet another proof  of vanishing borders in united Europe. Regardless whether you are a customary participant or a newcomer to MIKON, you are cordially invited to join us for this event of modern technology and tradition, vivid scientific discussions, and friendly atmosphere of getting together.

More Here:   CFP_MIKON_2010

The International Radar Symposium IRS 2010 is the continuation of the series of very successful radar symposia in Munich (1998), Berlin (2000), Bonn (2002), Dresden (2003), Warsaw (2004) Berlin (2005), Krakow (2006), Cologne (2007), Wroclaw (2008) and Hamburg (2009). Regardless whether you are a customary participant or a newcomer to IRS, you are cordially invited to join us for this event of modern technology and tradition, vivid scientific discussions, and friendly atmosphere of getting together.

More Here:  CFP_IRS_2010