An international conference on the origins and

evolution of the cavity magnetron


Bournemouth University, England, 19-20 April 2010

2010 marks the 70th anniversary of development of the high-power cavity magnetron by Randall and Boot at Birmingham University, made into a practical device by the GEC Company in England and put into large-scale production in the USA following the Tizard Mission of 1940. Its origins go back to the mid-1930s with key work being done in Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Netherlands,Switzerland and USA.

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The purpose of the conference is to bring together knowledge of all this early work and to learn how the magnetron has been improved and put into service since then and will include:

  • Origins of the magnetron in the various countries involved
  • Its subsequent development, both in early and later days and the latest trends
  • Applications to civil and military radar systems
  • Other uses, such as microwave ovens

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