IEEE-SA standard meetings and IEEE-SA/ITU-T joint workshops on The Future of Ethernet Transport to be held in Geneva.

The IEEE 802.1 Working Group Higher Layer Interface and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group interim meeting series will be held at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland from Monday 24th through Thursday 27th May, 2010. Groups meeting include the IEEE 802.1 Interworking Task Group, the IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging Task Group, the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging Task Group, the IEEE P802.3az Energy-efficient Ethernet Task Force, the IEEE P802.3.1 Ethernet MIBs Task Force, the IEEE P802.3bf Ethernet Time Synchronization Task Force and the IEEE P802.3bg 40Gb/s Ethernet Single-mode Fibre PMD Task Force.

Theses meetings will be followed be a joint ITU-T/IEEE Workshop on The Future of Ethernet Transport on Friday 28th May. Workshop topics will include Protection switching, Time synchronization and Beyond 100Gb/s.

Registration for both meetings and workshop are free of charge.

For IEEE 802.1 Working Group information please see <>.
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For IEEE-SA/ITU-T workshop information please see the URL <>.

IEEE offering $500 Mini-grants for Student Application Papers with industry standards component.

The IEEE, through the IEEE Standards Education Committee, is offering $500 mini-grants to students, with an additional mini-grants for faculty mentors, to help with student design projects with an industry standards component. The IEEE will publish the results as Student Application Papers. To apply for the grant, students beginning a design or development project need to submit an application found at the URL < >.
Applications may be submitted at any time, the deadline for the Summer 2010 funding is 15th June 2010, the deadline for the Autumn 2010 funding is 15th October 2010.

The IEEE Standards Education Committee is a joint committee of the IEEE Standards Association and the IEEE Educational Activities Board. The IEEE Standards Education website <> serves as the focal point for the delivery of all relevant information on education about standards. Among items provided on this web site are Tutorials, Case Illustrations and Student Application Papers.