R-8 Chapter Chair Conferences 2010

On behalf of CCSC and the Host Organisations and Chapters I am pleased to invite all R-8 Chapters to participate in the Chapter Chair Conferences. The names of CCCs are displaying only the Host Chapters and the Chapter Coordination Groups. None Chapter is excluded.

Peter Magyar, CCSC Chair

Computer Chapters Group and Control Chapters Group

R-8 First COMP/RAS/EMB/IES/IAS/PELS Chapter Chairs Meeting
& Workshop on “Move from Research to Business”

Lisbon, Portugal
May 29-30, 2010
Hosted by
Portugal Section
Portugal Section EMBS Chapter
Portugal Section COMPS Chapter
Portugal Section RAS Chapter
Portugal Section IES/IAS/PELS Chapter

Program and Registration

Computer Chapters Group and Control Chapters Group

R-8 CCSC Chapter Chairs Conference & Leadership Joint Workshop

Mopani Camp, Kruger National Park
South Africa
June 4, 2010
Hosted by

IEEE African Winter School on Information Theory and Communications

Program and Registration:  2010-05-03+IEEE+R8+_Computer+&+Control+CCC+_+South+Africa
Power Chapters Group

R-8 Power Chapters Technical & Leadership Joint Workshop

Budapest, Hungary – Zilina. Slovakia, – Bratislava, Slovakia
May 21-26, 2010
Hosted by
Hungary Section
Hungary Section IAS/PELS Chapter
Hungary Section BUTE Student Branch PES/IAS Chapter
Czechoslovakia Section IAS/IES Chapter
Czechoslovakia Section, Slovak University of Technology Student Branch

Program and Registration:  IEEE+R8+Power+BUD_ZIL_BRA+Rev2010-04-16

Power Chapters Group

R-8 Power Chapters Leadership Workshop

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Dec 19, 2010
Hosted by
Saudi Arabia Section
Saudi Arabia IAS Chapter

Program and Registration:  R8+IAS+Power+Chapters+WS+_Bahrain+_+final

Telecommunications Chapter Group

MTT-S Chapter Chair Meeting
Paris-La-Défense, France
Sep 27, 2010
Hosted by
European Microwave Week

Program and Registration:  IEEE+R8+MTTS+Chapter+Chair+Meeting+Rev+2010-02-23