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Life Members – “Experience does not go on retreat”




It is a privilege to be an IEEE Life Member (LM) with so much to contribute back to the engineering community and to the public in general. You are entitled to become a LM when your age is at least 65 and the sum of your age and of your active membership duration reaches 100. Life Members are exempted of IEEE membership fees and pay lower fees at IEEE Conferences (at most – IEEE Student fees).

Most Life Member activities are performed by Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAG), similar to Chapters, established as part of an IEEE Section.


In summary the mission of Life Members Groups is to:

  • Enhance and encourage interest in electrical and electronic engineering at secondary and tertiary (college) levels.
  • Utilize the vast experience of LMs to impact the general public’s knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering and increase understanding of the role of engineers.
  • Foster collaborations in pre-university education and encourage students to consider taking up engineering as a career.
  • Promulgate the history of electrical engineering together with information and related technologies.

Please visit the website of the IEEE Life Members Committee ( for more details.


2023 Life Member Flyer


2023-11-10 Life Members Conference

2023-08-03 Handout _ Announcing the Inaugural Life Member Conference




LM Conference Prospectus – Evolution


Life Member Conference website –





IEEE Region 8 Life Members Committee 2023


Péter Magyar  Germany Section

Corresponding Members:

Anthony C. Davies, UK & Ireland Section

Goce L. Arsov, North Macedonia Section

Rima Fathallah, Tunisia Section

Samir I. Shaheen, Egypt Section

Shmuel Auster, Israel Section




IEEE Region 8 Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAGs)

Status: 2023-10-18




Service Providing Organization ID


Former name: Geocode

Chair & Email

Benelux Section LMAG LM80001 Luc J. Claesen
Bulgaria Section LMAG LM80075 Jordan N. Kolev
Croatia Section LMAG LM80065 Zoran Vukic
Cyprus Section LMAG LM80073 Lazaros Savvides
Czechoslovakia Section LMAG LM80071 Andre Sopczak
Egypt Section LMAG LM80003 Samir I. Shaheen
France Section LMAG LM80005 Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
Germany Section LMAG LM80017 Ulrich Reimers
Greece Section LMAG LM80029 Grigoris Papagiannis
Hungary Section LMAG LM80051 István Krómer
Israel Section LMAG LM80009 Shmuel Auster
Italy Section LMAG LM80011 Antonio Savini
Jordan Section LMAG LM80079 Mohammed Zeki Khedher Mohammed
Lebanon Section LMAG LM80091 Usamah O. Farrukh
North Macedonia Section LMAG LM80077 Goce Arsov
Poland Section LMAG LM80033 Adam Dabrowski
Portugal Section LMAG LM80045 João Costa Freire
Romania Section LMAG LM80061 Mircea Eremia
Russia Section LMAG LM80059 Boris Kutuza
Russia North West Section LMAG LM80087 Serguei V Smolovik
Serbia and Montenegro Section LMAG LM80069 Vladimir Katic
Slovenia Section LMAG LM80067 Jurij Tasic
Spain Section LMAG LM80023 Rafael Martinez
Switzerland Section LMAG LM80007 Hugo Wyss
Turkey Section LMAG LM80055 Erdal Panayirci
UK&Ireland Section LMAG LM80015 Brian Harrington
Joint Sections LMAG

Bahrain Section LMAG

Oman Section LMAG

Qatar Section LMAG





Ali Zolait
Joint “Baltic” LMAG

Estonia Section LMAG

Latvia Section LMAG

Lithuania Section LMAG





Irina Naidionova

LMAG Map – R8 Sections without and with LMAGs


R8 Sections with potential to establish LMAG 2023

Number of LMs / Section / SPO ID (Geocode)

7     Bulgaria Section, LM80075, Formed 2023 Q1

7     Iceland Section, R80081

7     Bahrain, Oman, Qatar Sections LMAG, formed 2023 Q4

7     Western Saudi Arabia, R80053

8     Saudi Arabia Section, R80043

10   Cyprus Section, LM80073, Formed 2023 Q1

12   Iran Section, R80027 , Petition submitted 2023 Q4

12   United Arabic Emirates Section, R80049

14   Joint Baltic Sections, LM80097, Formed 2023 Q3

14   Russia NW Section, LM80087, Formed 2023 Q2

17   Ukraine Section, R80063

18   Russia Section, R80059 , Formed 2023 Q4

21   Serbia & Montenegro Section, LM80069, Formed 2023 Q1

43   Austria Section, R80037

48   Africa Council, R801

49   Denmark Section, R80025

51   Portugal Section, LM80045, Formed 2023 Q1

58   Finland Section, R80035

70   Norway Section, R80013

137 Sweden Section, R80018







R8 LM Activities


Hungary Section LMAG and R8 LMAG Group and R8 HA Committee Joint Meeting


IEEE R8 Hungary Section LMAG

IEEE R8 History Activity Committee

IEEE R8 Life Members Committee


Obuda University (OU), Budapest University of Technology and Economy (BUTE) and Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV)

Date: December 5-6, 2023

Sponsors: OU, R8 MA, LMC, BKV


Technical Program

Dec 4 Welcome Dinner

Dec 5

09:00 -10:00 Opening Session (OU, R8. R8 MA)

10:00 -12:00 LMAG Session (R8 LM Committee and 10 R8 LMAGs)

13:00 -15:00 History Activity & Milestone Session (R8 HA Committee and 10 R8 LMAGs)

15:00 -17:00 Visit the University Research and Innovation Center of OU

17:00  Networking, Reception, Dinner

Dec 6

10:00 -11:00 Visit the Modular Hybrid Drive System Laboratory of BUTE

13:00 -14:00 Guided Tour in the Historical Ferenc Substation “Ferenc Áramátalakitó” of BKV

14:00 -15:30 Visit the 1st Hungarian Milesone in the Millenium Underground Railway Museum of BKV

19:00 Closing Social Event


Hungary Section LMAG members (40 invited), Hosts representatives (~10), Local organizers (~10), R8 LMAG Chairs (10)


Free of charge for registered participants

Preliminary registration closed on Oct 15, 2023

Final registration cled on Nov 10, 2023

Photo´s of the Meeting, taken by Luc Claesen, Benelux Section LMAG Chair



Science Award to Ulrich Reimers, Germany Section LMAG Chair

Science Award to Ulrich Reimers, Germany Section LMAG Chair

Prof. a. D. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Reimers, University of Technology Braunschweig, Germany, Chair of the Germany Section LMAG received the Science Award for Information and Communication Technology from the VDE ITG   “In recognition of his relevant pioneering achievements in the field of digital video broadcasting (DVB), which were recognized by the entire professional world, as well as for his scientific leadership in the merger of mobile communications and television and the resulting 5G broadcasting.”

Life Member Award Program 2023

Award General Guidelines

2023 Individual Life Member (LM) Service Award

1. 2023 Individual Life Member (LM) Service Award Description

2. 2023 Individual Life Member (LM) Service Award Nomination Form – R8

Eligible are all Life-grade members of Region 8 with or without an LMAG in the Section. Please find the Award Description to check further eligibility criteria.

2023 Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) Achievement Award

3. 2023 Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) Achievement Award Description

4. 2023 Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) Achievement Award Nomination Form – R8

Eligible are Region 8 LMAGs which have been formed before Dec 31, 2022. Please find the Award Description to check further eligibility criteria.

Results _LMC Award Recipients 2023

R8 Award Recipients

Region 8 LMAG Achievement Award

UK & Ireland Section LMAG, Charles  W. Turner, Life Fellow, Chair 2022

Citation: For the motivation of Life Members and Students in IEEE activities by the planning and delivery of a comprehensive series of Milestone events and symposia


Region 8 Individual LM Service Award

Wim van Etten, Life Senior, Benelux Section LMAG,Chair 2022

Citation: Recognizing Wim van Etten’s leadership in establishing and driving the IEEE Benelux Life Member Affinity Group, culminating in three IEEE Milestones commemorating important historical developments in the Benelux




Journal of LMAG Events

2023-02-28 GERMANY Section LMAG – Technical and Administrative Meeting 2023 Q1

Meeting Minutes

2023-05-30 GERMANY Section LMAG – Technical and Administrative Meeting 2023 Q2

2023-05-30_ Germany LMAG Meeting_Screenshot


2023-03-24 Informative Meeting on LMAG Petition Preparation in conjunction with the R8 Committee Meeting


LMAG Petition Step by Step Training


Publications of R8 LMs


Benelux Section LMAG

Bulgaria Section LMAG

Germany Section LMAG

Lebanon Section LMAG

North Macedonia Section LMAG

Switzerland Section LMAG

UK & Ireland Section LMAG

R8 LM Committee



General Information

Website of the IEEE Life Members Committee

LMAG Funds 

  • Funding of activities is provided by Life Members Committee (LMC), Region 8 and IEEE Foundation
  • A rebate of $200 to the Section is provided annually from IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board
  • Groups that report at least two meetings annually will receive the $200 rebate. The rebate is increased to $275 for groups with six or more reports annually.
  • Groups are authorized by the IEEE Life Members Committee an annual budget not exceeding $2,000 towards meetings or activities approved in advance by the Regional LM Coordinator. The funding will be provided upon actual expenses.

Approval and Reimbursing Process

  1. The funding request pre-approval of the R8 LM Coordinator by using the LMAG Fund Request Form _ Pre-approval Form
  2. Submission of expense report incl. the signed pre-approval form and invoices, 

Types of activities of Life Member Affinity Groups

  • Technical Lectures, joint activities with parent Section, visits to museums and technical sites, social gathering, luncheons
  • Using existing groups’ experience, typical activities can range from: invited talks and seminars, technology-oriented meetings, history workshops and conferences, oral histories, and dialogue with other professional institutions, to initiating technical milestones, monitoring outside technical archives, museum projects, and social activities.
  • In their Sections, LM Groups should cooperate with other Society chapters, affinity groups (YP and WIE) as well as with student branches – on common projects. They can work together in IEEE Foundation Grants Program, which are supported by LMC Life Members Committee. We encourage the forming of “History teams” to preserve the History of technological developments in which people participated through the use of the IEEE Global History Network ( and Engineering and Technology History Wiki –
  • For any advice or question, please contact Péter Magyar, IEEE Region 8 Life Members Coordinator

To form a new Affinity Group

  • look at the full list of affinity groups above to see if you are already part of it
  • find out if there is already an existing IEEE Section in your country – full list can be found here
  • a petition to establish a LM Group requires the signature of 6 IEEE Members, including at least 2 Life Members
  • if there is an IEEE Section in your country but not a LM AG, you are eligible to submit a petition – check the Guide to establish a new LMAG

Practical Advices in Administration and Holding Meetings

For finding the list of names of your LMAG members

  • go to IEEE OU Analytics (login and password of member IEEE)
  • choose “Memberships, subscriptions and more”
  • under “Products” dropdown menu, choose only Life Members category and click apply
  • see the “Details” tab
  • the list of your members appears (you can export as table)
  • you can also contact your Section or R8 Ad-hoc Subcommittee Chair Péter Magyar

For declaring the names of officers of your LMAG

  • Go to
  • If you are the present chair, you can add or change the officers by going to the concerned position, then go on “Add officer”. A window will be opened to asking you to give your N° of membership IEEE and the date of the start of your function. Go then on “Validate” and “Submit”
  • If you are the new elected chair, go on “Chapter chair” and apply the same procedure..

For declaring your LMAG activities (event report)

  • go to
  • login as IEEE member
  • go to Event/Report Administration
  • go to File >> Report for a Past Event
  • OR go to Create an event
  • two reports at least are required each year from any category (technical, professional, social, administrative)

For organizing elections

For sending a message by e-Notice

For reserving a teleconference on Webex







Final Call for Papers. Deadline extended to December 15 2018.

All information on SPC Rules  is contained on the website at

As a help for SB counsellors included below is a  template regarding the coversheet to be attached with the paper.

Authors of best five papers attend IEEE R8 Eurocon 2019 at Novi Sad, Serbia  in July 2019. The best three papers from the five finalists, judged at Novi Sad, get $800, $500 and $200 respectively. The student branch of the winner also gets $250 from R8.


Student Paper Cover Sheet

Section A

  1. Name of school


  1. Name of Student Branch


  1. Authors with their IEEE Membership Numbers


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  author to whom         correspondence should be addressed


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  Student Branch Counsellor


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  Student Branch Chair





Section B

NB: In answering the questions please ensure that information about the authors, school etc. is not included.


  1. Paper Title


  1. What is the problem and why is it important?


  1. What is the original contribution of this work? Be explicit.


  1. Does this work check and / or extend previously reported work? What work? Give references. Be explicit.


  1. How does this contribution compare to previously published work?


  1. If the paper is to be submitted to one of the IEEE Transactions, which Transactions would be the most appropriate?





2018 WIE Outstanding Student Volunteer of the Year Award – Ozgenur Sevgili

Özgenur Sevgili was born in 1996 in Samsun, Turkey. She started in 2014 her studies in Mathematical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University (YTU), and always advocated for women’s rights at university. She joined IEEE during her second year and was vice chair of IEEE YTU WIE AG 2016-2017. During her term, she focused on the STAR program. She is currently IEEE Women in Engineering Turkey Student Representative.

2018 Outstanding WIE Section Volunteer Award – Dr. Ilhem Kallel

Dr. Ilhem Kallel is an A. Professor with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia of Sfax, and a senior researcher with REGIM-Lab in National school of Engineers of Sfax (university of Sfax-Tunisia).  She received the bachelor degree in computer science in 1988 from ISG Tunis, the DEA degree in Information Systems and new
Technologies in 2003, from FSEGS, and the PhD degree in Computer Systems Engineering in 2009 from ENIS. Since 1988, Dr. Ilhem had many leadership positions and a rich professional experience dealing with developing and managing enterprise information systems within an industrial company, teaching fields of computer science and training of teachers.
Besides professional and associative activities, including those of IEEE, Dr. Ilhem is involved in many associative projects and activities. She usually takes part or organizes many scientific and social events (meetings, conferences, workshops, contests, competitions, training sessions, booths, soft skills training, etc.) and she is participating in international research cooperation projects and research mobility.
She supervises engineering research projects and contributes to the review process of many international conferences and journals. Her research interests are mainly in collective and hybrid intelligence, pedagogical innovation in education, intelligent
multirobot systems, fuzzy modeling, swarm intelligence, multiagent systems, and systems’ quality assessment.
Dr. Ilhem Kallel is an IEEE member since 2001: from graduate student Member, to member, to senior member on 2014. Currently, she serves as a chair of Education Tunisia chapter for 2017-2018. On 2009, she was the founder and the past chairwoman of IEEE Tunisia Women In Engineering; she was one past chair of SMC and CIS Tunisia Chapters, the chapters coordinator in Tunisia Section for 2015-2016. She volunteered as a proctor in some IEEExtreme programming competitions. Dr. Ilhem is the WIE SAG adviser at ENIS and a member of the DIS TC in SMC Society. She was the winner of the 2011 WIE Clementina Award for Region 8 for her professional and personal achievements; this award attests that she can serve as a role model for combining professional achievements and family life. Recently she wins the 2018 R8 Outstanding Women In Engineering Section Volunteer Award.
Moreover, she participates in the organization of many IEEE activities and technical events, and actively takes part in all section ex-com meetings and some R8 meetings. She invites many Distinguished Lecturers from WIE, SMC, CI and Education societies.

IEEE Region 8 – Elections 2018 – Belgrade

Dear IEEE Region 8 Committee members,

On behalf of the Region 8 Nominations and Appointments Committee it is my pleasure to present to you the booklet ( IEEE Region 8 - Elections 2018 - Belgrade ) which contains all the relevant information on the upcoming elections for the Region 8 Officers. The elections will  be held in Belgrade on Saturday 20th  of October.

During the meeting, the candidates will have time to make a small presentation and accept questions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Costas Stasopoulos
IEEE Region 8 Chair Nominations and Appointments Committee



Now is the time to start preparing a paper to submit to SPC2018 on your Masters hard work, or on any research work NOT at Doctoral level that you are working on and want to tell everybody about.

IEEE R8 sponsors the authors of the best five papers to have an oral presentation of the paper at EUROCON 2019 in July 2019 at Novi Sad, Serbia. The five finalist papers are included in the  conference proceedings and IEEEXplore. AND  for the best three papers there are awards of $800, $500 and $200 respectively.

For more information,




Call for Paper deadline extention: IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit’18

,The IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit’18 will be held alongside the 5th IEEE CiSt Congress on October 23 – 25 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco.

5th IEEE CiSt Congress

5th IEEE CiSt Congress

The main objective of the summit is to provide an exclusive platform for women researchers, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs in ICT to learn from each other, share their knowledge and experience and create an inclusive community that commonly innovates to the benefit of the society, and equally promotes the sense of collaboration, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among participants.

Topics and Submission

We solicit submission of original projects and ideas describing significant developments from women researchers and professionals in any ICT related fields, as well as showcases reporting ongoing research or projects achieving significant contributions like prototypes, products, services or applications.

Prospective authors should submit by using the online paper submission platform , a paper up to 6 pages using the IEEE Manuscript template.

NB: Submitted papers should have at least one female Author or Co-Author, and only female Authors are accepted to register and present the accepted papers.


Accepted and presented contributions will be published in the congress proceeding and submitted to IEEE Xplore Library, Scopus and DBLP. Furthermore, Authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their work for publication in a special issue/section of an international journal.

The 3 best papers will be awarded during the IEEE Women in Engineering International leadership summit.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline Extention:       September 07, 2018

Acceptance Notification:                                 September 12, 2018

Author Registration:                                       September 15, 2018

WIE Summit Dates:                                         October 23-25, 2018

Contact information

Detailed and up-to-date information about IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit’18, Marrakech, Morocco can be accessed through the website:

For any inquiry, contact us on:

[email protected]

SPC 2019 Rules

The Student Paper Contest (SPC) is one of the main activities in Region 8. The SPC 2019 will be the 52nd .
For its success it relies heavily on the input from the Student Branch Officers, especially the Student Branch Counselor and the Student Branch Chair, but also on academic members especially those who form part of the local IEEE section
SPC is an excellent occasion for personal leadership and involvement of student members in a prospective IEEE scientific/technical activity and to increase the visibility of the student branch.
It also makes possible further promotion of IEEE among students.

Once every year, each IEEE R8 Student Branch (SB) may hold and organize a local Student Paper Contest under its own responsibility. The organization of a local SPC generally means that contest should be announced publicly in advance and that all submitted papers are to be locally reviewed by qualified specialists. Additionally, all R8/Sections/Chapters IEEE Conferences, having student papers sessions included in their programs, could and should also be used to get additional proposals for SPC. As long as a SB is formally supporting and accepting any type of a student papers contest activity, it is in line with the existing SPC rules. Student Branch Counselors should be fully involved in all local SPC activities, as well as all other local IEEE officers (Section Chairs, Chapter Chairs, student activities officers, members of executive committees, …).
The winner(s) of each Student Branch Contest may compete for the Region 8 Contest, held within the Region 8 limits. A Student Branch may submit one paper per every 100 Student Branch members or part thereof, with a maximum of three papers per SB.
At the same time, especially in small branches where the managing of a local contest is very difficult,the IEEE section officers can encourage students to submit their work as a paper to the SPC. This is a good exercise for the student, especially those who intend to continue to a doctorate.

IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest is for IEEE R8 student members or graduate student members who have not yet started their PhD. Only IEEE R8 student members could be authors of the IEEE R8 SPC papers. Since the five finalist papers are being included in the conference proceedings as well as in IEEE Xplore Library, the rules will now allow that the name of the supervisor/mentor may be added, as an author, to the final version of the paper sent to the conference organisation. This does not change in any way the basic rule that the submitted paper is the work of the student.
Each student author must be a member of an IEEE Student Branch at the time of the original submission of the paper to the Branch Contest, and a member (student or not) of the IEEE at the time of the R8 Oral Finals presentation. The work presented has to be completed before
the student receives the engineering degree that entitles her/him to start preparing a doctoral thesis. The submission of the paper to the Region 8 SPC must be completed within 12 months after graduation. A doctoral thesis is not considered. Published work is excluded from the Contest.

Papers should cover technical and engineering aspects of a subject reasonably within or related to the areas with which the IEEE is concerned with. The work need not be original in engineering or scientific content, but should be original in treatment and concise in coverage of the author’s contribution to the subject.
The deadline to send full papers to IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest 2019 is December 1, 2018. Send papers by email to [email protected]. Papers submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
A first evaluation phase (paper review) will be carried out by four jury members and the SPC Coordinator. The jury members may also use as reviewers experts in the pertinent subject area. They will grade the written papers sent by Student Branches to the Regional contest without knowledge of the identity of the authors and of their school. Based on this evaluation, the SPC Coordinator will decide which five papers will be accepted for presentation at the Regional Oral Finals. All five finalists will be invited and financially supported to present their papers at IEEE R8 EUROCON 2019 Conference, July 2019, Novi Sad Serbia. The Jury members will grade the oral presentations and award the prizes. The papers will be published within EUROCON 2019 Conference Proceedings and included in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Three best finalists will get prizes.


July 2018