2018-October – Belgrade

IEEE Region 8 – Elections 2018 – Belgrade

Dear IEEE Region 8 Committee members,

On behalf of the Region 8 Nominations and Appointments Committee it is my pleasure to present to you the booklet ( IEEE Region 8 - Elections 2018 - Belgrade) which contains all the relevant information on the upcoming elections for the Region 8 Officers. The elections will  be held in Belgrade on Saturday 20th  of October.

During the meeting, the candidates will have time to make a small presentation and accept questions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Costas Stasopoulos
IEEE Region 8 Chair Nominations and Appointments Committee

2018-October – Belgrade

This page contains information about the 111th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held in Belgrade on 20-21 of October 2018.

OpCom Reports

Director (Margaretha Eriksson) Director-Elect (Magdalena Salazar Palma)
Past-Director (Costas Stasopoulos) Secretary (Jan Verveckken)
Treasurer (Ralph Kennel) V/C Member Activities (Antonio Luque)
V/C Student Activities (Efthymia Arvaniti) V/C Technical Activities (Christopher James)

Subcommittee Reports

Action for Industry (AfI) History Activities Coordinator (HA) Region 8 News (R8News)
Africa Area (AA) Humanitarian Activities Subcommittee (HuA) Section Vitality Coordinator (SVC)
Awards & Recognition Subcommittee (A&RSC) Life Member Coordinator (LM) Standards Coordinator (StC)
Chapter Coordination Subcommittee (ChCSC) Membership Development Subcommittee (MDSC) Strategic Planning
Conference Coordination SubCommittee (CoCSC)Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator (VCF)
Educational Activities SubCommittee (EASC)Professional Activities Subcommittee (PASC) Women in Engineering Coordinator (WIE)
Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC) Region 8 Today (Region8Today) Young Professionals Subcommittee (YP)

Section Reports

Algeria SectionIceland Section Republic Of Macedonia Section
Austria Section Iran Section Romania Section
Bahrain SectionIraq Section Russia Section
Belarus Section Israel SectionRussia (Northwest) Section
Benelux Section Italy Section Russia (Siberia) Section
Bosnia and Herzegovina Section Jordan Section Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bulgaria Section Kenya Section Saudi Arabia (West) Section
Croatia SectionKuwait Section Serbia And Montenegro Section
Cyprus Section Latvia Section Slovenia Section
Czechoslovakia Section Lebanon SectionSouth Africa Section
Denmark Section Lithuania Section Spain Section
Egypt Section Malta Section Sweden Section
Estonia Section Morocco Section Switzerland Section
Finland Section Nigeria Section Tunisia Section
France Section Norway Section Turkey Section
Germany Section Oman Section UK and Ireland Section
Ghana Section Poland Section Ukraine Section
Greece Section Portugal Section United Arab Emirates Section
Hungary SectionQatar Section Zambia Section


Order of the day – Belgrade

Friday, 19 October 2018

16:002:00:00Registration open
18:000:30:00Director’s AddressErikson
18:300:30:00Serbia Section presentationMarkovic
19:000:45:00Technical Presentation: Tesla and Pupin HeritageKočović
19:450:15:00Welcome Reception
20:002:00:00Welcome Dinner and Awards Ceremony – Dress Code: Business Casual
22:00Dinner Ends

Saturday, 20 October 2018

8:000:05:00100ProceduralCall to OrderEriksson
8:050:15:00101ProceduralRoll Call and Introduction of New OfficersVerveckken
8:200:05:00102ProceduralWelcome by Serbia SectionMarkovic
8:250:05:00103ProceduralIntroductory RemarksEriksson
8:300:05:00104ActionApproval of the AgendaEriksson
8:350:05:00105ActionApproval of the Consent AgendaEriksson
8:400:40:00106AddressIEEE Region 8 Director’s AddressEriksson
9:200:20:00107DiscussionAfrica Council: A lasting step to an invigorating future, next stepsChukwudebe
9:400:15:00108DiscussionSection’s financial health and reporting, rebatesJazstrebski
9:550:05:00109ProceduralDiscussion ThemesVerveckken
10:000:20:00Coffee Break
10:200:40:00110WorkshopWorkshop 1: Section’s DashboardSzabo, Luque
11:000:20:00111DiscussionMember Activities ResultsLuque
11:200:20:00112DiscussionYoung Professionals and MGA plansBarros
12:400:20:00201DiscussionTechnical Activities ResultsJames
13:000:40:00202DiscussionTechnical Sponsorship – Financial Sponsorship of ConferencesSalazar Palma, Nagy
13:400:20:00Coffee Break
14:000:50:00203WorkshopWorkshop 2: Section Business Model CanvasEl Dalal
14:500:05:00204SocialGroup photoVerveckken
14:550:40:00205DiscussionPresentation of Election candidatesStasopoulos
15:350:30:00206DiscussionExecutive session: Discussion on Election candidatesStasopoulos
16:050:20:00207DiscussionExecutive session: VotingStasopoulos
16:250:05:00208DiscussionPresentation of election resultsStasopoulos
17:500:10:00SocialMeeting Point for Bus: Outside Hotel
18:001:15:00SocialBus Drive through Belgrade
19:152:45:00SocialCruise and Dinner on Boat, Club Kej
22:000:10:00SocialBus Drive to Hotel
22:100:10:00SocialBus Drive to Hotel

Sunday, 21 October 2018

6:301:30:000BreakfastBreakfast, at your own leisure, in the hotel breakfast area
8:000:05:00300ProceduralCall to Order and Roll CallEriksson
8:050:20:00301DiscussionStudent Activities Committee reportArvaniti
8:250:40:00302DiscussionCommunication Strategy, Region 8 TodayLuque, Dragoumanos
9:050:30:00303DiscussionTreasurer’s ReportKennel
9:350:20:00304DiscussionExternal Auditors reportTaylor
9:550:35:00305DiscussionR8 Budget, priorities, decisions,Open discussion
10:300:20:00SocialCoffee Break
10:500:15:00307DiscussionUpcoming Flagship ConferencesNagy
11:050:20:00308DiscussionIEEE and IndustryMilojicic
11:250:25:00309DiscussionIEEE Vienna OfficeNeppel
11:500:40:00310DiscussionMotions, presentation, discussion, votingStasopoulos
12:300:30:00311DiscussionNew BusinessAll
13:000:05:00312DiscussionNext R8 MeetingAttard
13:050:20:00313DiscussionWelcome from the incoming Region DirectorSalazar Palma
13:250:05:00314DiscussionClosing Remarks leaving past Region DirectorStasopoulos
13:300:10:00315DiscussionClosing Remarks leaving Region DirectorEriksson

Consent Agenda

501ActionApproval of the minutes of the 110th Region 8 Committee meeting