2010-May – Riga

2010, May – Riga




Riga, Radio and Television Tower, Latvia

This page contains information about the 94th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held in Riga on 07-09 of May 2010.
Agenda Book:  agendabook-riga2010

Meeting Information

Orientation Workshop
Travel Advisory:  travel advisory - riga
Unapproved Lisbon 2009 Minutes:  93rd IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting Minutes
To obtain a visa letter please download and fill this form ( visa_aplication_riga  ) and contact Ginta Stāle ( [email protected] ) and Zane Purlaura ( [email protected] )

OpCom Reports

Director:  Director
(Jozef Modelski)

Past-Director, V/C Strategic Planning
(Jean-Gabriel Rémy)

Secretary:  Secretary
(Costas Stasopoulos)

Treasurer:  Treasurer
(Brian Harrington)

V/C Membership Activities:  MA
(Pilar Molina Gaudo)

V/C Student Activities:  SA
(Eva Lang)

V/C Technical Activities:  TA
(Fritz Bekkadal)

Subcommittee Reports

Awards & Recognition SubCommittee:  ARC (A&RSC)

Electronic Communications Coordinator:  ECC (ECC)

Professional Activities SubCommitte:  PA (PASC)

Chapter Coordination SubCommittee:  CCSC (CCSC)

GOLD SubCommittee:  GOLD

Standards Coordinator:  Standards

Conference Coordination SubCommittee:  Conference

Industry Relations SubCommittee:  IR (IRSC) Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator:  VCF

Educational Activities SubCommittee:  EA (EASC)

Life Member and History Coordinator:  LMHA

Women In Engineering Coordinator:  WIE


Membership Development SubCommittee:  MD (MDSC) Operations Review Ad-Hoc Subcomittee
Region 8 News:  R8News – – Technical Awards Panel:  TAP

Section Reports

Austria Section:  Austria Germany Section:  Germany Lithuanian Section:  Lithuania Saudi Arabia (East) Section:  Saudi_Arabia_East
Bahrain Section:  Bahrain_Section_report_Riga_2010 Ghana Section:  Ghana Malta Section:  Malta Saudi Arabia (West) Section:  Saudi_Arabia_West
Belarus Section:  Belarus Greece Section:  Greece Morocco:  Morocco Serbia And Montenegro Section:  Serbia_&_Montenegro
Benelux Section:  Benelux Hungary Section:  Hungary Nigeria Section Slovenia Section:  Slovenia
Bosnia And Herzegovina Section:  BH Iceland Section:  Iceland Norway Section:  Norway South Africa Section:  South_Africa
Bulgaria Section:  Bulgaria Iran Section:  Iran Oman Section Spain Section:  Spain
Croatia Section:  Croatia Iraq Section:  Iraq Poland Section:  Poland Sweden Section:  Sweden
Cyprus Section:  Cyprus Israel Section:  Israel Portugal Section:  Portugal Switzerland Section:  Switzerland
Czechoslovakia Section:  Czechoslovakia Italy Section:  Italy Qatar Section Tunisia Section:  Tunisia
Denmark Section:  Denmark Jordan Section:  Jordan Republic Of Macedonia Section:  Romania Turkey Section:  Turkey
Egypt Section:  Egypt Kenya Section Romania Section:  Macedonia U.K.& Rep Of Ireland Section:  UKRI
Estonia Section:  Estonia Kuwait Section:  Kuwait Russia Section:  Romania Ukraine Section:  Ukraine
Finland Section:  Finland Latvia Section:  Latvia Russia (Northwest) Section:  Russia United Arab Emirates Section:  UAE
France Section:  France Lebanon Section:  Lebanon Russia (Siberia) Section:  Russia_Siberia Zambia Section:  Zambia


Orientation Session/Workshop

Riga Orientation Session (Friday, 1400-1800)

  1. Introduction, Marko Delimar (5+5)
  2. IEEE Finances, Peter Staecker (10+5)
  3. Region 8 Finances, Brian Harrington (10+5)
  4. MGA Operations, Cecelia Jankowski (10+10)
  5. R8 Operations and Best Practices, Tony Davies (10+10)
  1. Membership Activities, Pilar Molina (5+5)
  2. Student Activities, Eva Lang (5+5)
  3. Technical Activities, Fritz Bekkadal (5+5)
  1. R8 Rules of Order, Marko (10+5)
  2. IEEE, R8 and Section Elections, Officer Rejuvenation, Marko (10+5)
  3. Communications, R8 News, R8 Web, Costas Stasopoulos (10+5)
  4. Section Operations, Cecelia, Marko, all (10+45)
  1. vTools (meetings, elections, …)
  2. Best practices


Riga – Schedule

Schedule for IEEE Region 8 meeting in Riga, Latvia

Friday 7th May

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Technical Activities

Membership Activities – Student Activities




Industry Relations Subcommittee

Professional Activities Subcommittee

Awards & Recognition – Technical Awards Panel


Educational Activities Subcommittee

Membership Development Subcommittee & GOLD

Strategic Planning Subcommittee




Conference Coordination Subcommittee

Student Activities Subcommittee & GOLD

IEEE Region 8 Orientation


Chapter Coordination Subcommittee

Past Region 8 Directors- Jubilee Book


Latvia Section Presentation


Technical Lecture: Latvian leader in wireless data transmission equipment production -JSC SAF Tehnika
by Dipl.Ing. NORMUNDS BERGS Chairman of the Board,SAF Tehnika


Welcome Dinner at the Hotel

Saturday 8th of May


IEEE Region 8 Meeting



Walking Tour of the city and Gala Dinner at the Blackheads House




Sunday 9th of May


IEEE Region 8 Meeting



Workshop Riga

R8 WORKSHOPS – Riga, May 8, 2010

(94th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting, Riga, May 7-9, 2010)

Coordinators: Pilar Molina and Roger Pollard

  1. Legal status in country (moderator – Samir Shaheen)
    During presentation by Portugal Section many were interested in how the process was done. Others intervened with tricks and ideas that were welcome. One presentation or introduction could be done by someone from MGA HQ.
  2. Section activities that are successful (moderator – Urmet Janes)
    Solicit ideas of activities that are somehow “novel” to other sections
    (i.e. Knowledge café by Switzerland Section) and that are successful in one country. Seek contributions also by reading the reports and web pages.
    Select 5 or 6.
  3. vTool usage (moderator – Manuel Castro)
    Provide useful examples on how to use vTools by sections (to create elections, web sites, etc.)
  4. New, cross-disciplinary technologies (moderator – Maciej Ogorzałek)
    How does IEEE, which is highly compartmented by discipline, handle some of the new important interdisciplinary technology issues such as SmartGrid, Life Sciences, Cloud Computing, Renewable Energy, etc.?
  5. Publications (moderator – Ali El-Mousa)
    Is open access a big issue in Region 8? Are IEEE publications still meeting the needs of our members? Do we emphasize academic papers and not provide enough practical information (“know how”. “how to design”, etc,)
    for practitioners? How do people see the future of electronic publishing, use of mobile devices, etc.?
  6. Use of social media (moderator – Saurabh Sinha)
    Is IEEE making enough use of social media? (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.); to many of the younger members (especially students and GOLD), this is the natural way they communicate. Should we be doing more to encourage technical and regional discussion of IEEE’s technology issues in this way instead of the more traditional routes of magazines, journals and newsletters?

Riga – Agenda

Agenda for the 94th IEEE R8 Committee meeting in Riga, Latvia

Saturday, 8th May 2010

08:00 Meeting opening by Region 8 Director

  • Call to order
  • Round call
  • Introduction of New Officers
  • Approval of the agenda

08:20 Latvia Section Welcome
08:30 IEEE Region 8 Director Report
08:45 IEEE President Address
09:00 IEEE VP/ MGA Presentation
09:10 IEEE Executive Director Presentation
· 09:20 Questions and Comments
09:50 Secretary Report – Approval of R8 Lisbon meeting minutes
10:00 Lisbon Sections Meeting Follow-up

10:20 Coffee break

10:50 Treasurer Report
11:10 Vice Chair Technical Activities Report
· 11:30 Questions and Discussion
11:45 Vice Chair Membership Activities Report
· 12:05 Questions and Discussion
12:20 Vice Chair Student Activities Report
· 12:40 Questions and Discussion
12:50 Vice Chair Strategic Planning Report

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Guidelines for the Workshops
14:10 IEEE VP/TAB Proposals and Comments
14:20 IEEE VP/EAB Proposals and Comments
14:30 Workshops
16:40 Recess

Sunday, 9th May 2010

08:00 IEEE Ethics Policy and Concerns
08:10 IEEE President – Elect Vision
· 08:25 Questions and Comments
08:35 IEEE Treasurer Presentation
08:45 MGA Director Information
09:00 Presentations by Candidates for R8 Director – Elect
· 09:20 Questions and Comments
09:40 Awards and Recognitions Ceremony
10:00 Technical Awards Panel Presentation
10:10 R8 Operations Review SC Report

10:20 Coffee break

10:50 Reports from Sections Workshops
11:30 Motions
12:20 Future R8 Committee meetings

  • Presentation by Czechoslovakia Section – October 9-10, Prague
  • Information about 2011 R8 Committee meetings

12:35 Sections Congress 2011, San Francisco|
12:45 2010/2011 R8 Conferences

  • SibirCon 2010
  • EnergyCon 2010
  • EuroCon 2011

13:00 50th Anniversary of Region 8, R8 Jubilee Book
13:10 Any Other Business
13:25 Adjournment

13:30 Lunch