Workshop Riga

R8 WORKSHOPS – Riga, May 8, 2010

(94th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting, Riga, May 7-9, 2010)

Coordinators: Pilar Molina and Roger Pollard

  1. Legal status in country (moderator – Samir Shaheen)
    During presentation by Portugal Section many were interested in how the process was done. Others intervened with tricks and ideas that were welcome. One presentation or introduction could be done by someone from MGA HQ.
  2. Section activities that are successful (moderator – Urmet Janes)
    Solicit ideas of activities that are somehow “novel” to other sections
    (i.e. Knowledge café by Switzerland Section) and that are successful in one country. Seek contributions also by reading the reports and web pages.
    Select 5 or 6.
  3. vTool usage (moderator – Manuel Castro)
    Provide useful examples on how to use vTools by sections (to create elections, web sites, etc.)
  4. New, cross-disciplinary technologies (moderator – Maciej Ogorzałek)
    How does IEEE, which is highly compartmented by discipline, handle some of the new important interdisciplinary technology issues such as SmartGrid, Life Sciences, Cloud Computing, Renewable Energy, etc.?
  5. Publications (moderator – Ali El-Mousa)
    Is open access a big issue in Region 8? Are IEEE publications still meeting the needs of our members? Do we emphasize academic papers and not provide enough practical information (“know how”. “how to design”, etc,)
    for practitioners? How do people see the future of electronic publishing, use of mobile devices, etc.?
  6. Use of social media (moderator – Saurabh Sinha)
    Is IEEE making enough use of social media? (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.); to many of the younger members (especially students and GOLD), this is the natural way they communicate. Should we be doing more to encourage technical and regional discussion of IEEE’s technology issues in this way instead of the more traditional routes of magazines, journals and newsletters?