2016-March – Monaco

2016-March – Monaco

This page contains information about the 106th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held at the Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco on 19-20 of March 2016.

Agenda Book
Visa Information
Monte Carlo, Monaco - Travel Advisory

New National Society Agreement Process [PPT]
New National Society Agreement Process Presentation Material

Saturday Presentations
Sunday Presentations

OpCom Reports

Director (Costas Stasopoulos) Director-Elect (Margaretha Eriksson)
Past-Director  (Martin Bastiaans) Secretary (Christian Schmid)
Treasurer  (Brian Harrington) V/C Member Activities (Dusanka Boskovic)
V/C Student Activities (Mona Ghassemian) V/C Technical Activities  (Igor Kuzle)


Subcommittee Reports

Action for Industry  (AfI) History Activities Coordinator (HA) Region Vitality Coordinator (RVC)
Awards & Recognition Subcommittee (A&RSC) Life Member Coordinator (LM) Standards Coordinator   (StC)
Chapter Coordination Subcommittee  (ChCSC) Membership Development Subcommittee  (MDSC) Strategic Planning
Conference Coordination SubCommittee  (CoCSC) Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator (VCF)
Educational Activities SubCommittee (EASC) Professional Activities Subcommittee  (PASC) Women in Engineering Coordinator  (WIE)
Electronic Communications Coordinator  (ECC) Region 8 News (R8News) Young Professionals Subcommittee (YP)


Section Reports

Algeria Section Iceland Section Republic of Macedonia Section
Austria Section Iran Section Romania Section
Bahrain Section Iraq Section Russia Section
Belarus Section Israel Section Russia (Northwest) Section
Benelux Section Italy Section Russia (Siberia) Section
Bosnia and Herzegovina Section Jordan Section Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bulgaria Section Kenya Section Saudi Arabia (West) Section
Croatia Section Kuwait Section Serbia And Montenegro Section
Cyprus Section Latvia Section Slovenia Section
Czechoslovakia Section Lebanon Section South Africa Section
Denmark Section Lithuania Section Spain Section
Egypt Section Malta Section Sweden Section
Estonia Section Morocco Section Switzerland Section
Finland Section Nigeria Section Tunisia Section
France Section Norway Section Turkey Section
Germany Section Oman Section UK and Ireland Section
Ghana Section Poland Section Ukraine Section
Greece Section Portugal Section United Arab Emirates Section
Hungary Section Qatar Section Zambia Section


Meeting Schedule

106th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting Overview
(subject to change)
  Friday Saturday Sunday
  Room1 (Naïade D) Room 2 (Naïade B/C) Room 3 (Mistrau) Room 4 (Room 3239) Main room Main room
8:00-8:30   All R8 Committee and Subcommittee
members (except Section Chairs)
    R8 Meeting  
8:30-9:00 R8 Meeting
9:00-10:00 Young Professionals
New Volunteer Orientation Humanitarian Activities
Membership Development
11:00-12:00 Students Activities
Educational Activities Awards and Recognition
12:00-13:00 Professional Activities
13:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:00 SYP Congress 2016
Student Activities and
Young Professionals
Action for Industry Conference Coordination Chapter Coordination Presentations / Parallel Tracks Lunch
16:00-17:00   Strategic Planning
18:00-18:30 Coffee Break
18:30-20:00 France Section Presentation and Technical Lecture
(Naïade B/C/D)
Networking Dinner
at the Café de Paris
Meeting Point Hotel Lobby
20:00-20:30 Cocktail Reception
20:30-22:30 Awards Dinner (Companions Welcome)

Order of the day

Friday, 18 March 2016
18:00 0:30:00 Registration
18:30 0:45:00 France Section presentation Amara
19:15 0:45:00 Technical Lecture, Title TBD Olivier Wenden / Philippe Mondiell
20:00 0:30:00 Cocktail Reception
20:30 2:00:00 Dinner and Award Ceremony – Dress code: Formal Delimar
Saturday, 19 March 2016
8:00 0:05:00 100 Procedural Call to order Stasopoulos
8:05 0:15:00 101 Procedural Roll call and Introduction of new officers Schmid
8:20 0:05:00 102 Procedural Welcome by France Section Amara
8:25 0:05:00 103 Procedural Introductory remarks Stasopoulos/Schmid
8:30 0:05:00 104 Action Approval of the Agenda Stasopoulos
8:35 0:05:00 105 Action Approval of the Consent agenda Stasopoulos
8:40 0:35:00 106 Discussion IEEE Region 8 Director’s address Stasopoulos
9:15 0:20:00 107 Discussion IEEE President’s’ address Shoop
9:35 0:20:00 108 Discussion IEEE Executive Director’s address Prendergast
9:55 0:20:00 Procedural Break
10:15 0:30:00 109 Discussion Global Public Policy Day
10:45 0:10:00 110 Discussion Nominations & Appointments Bastiaans
10:55 0:40:00 111 Discussion Student Activities report Ghassemian
11:35 0:05:00 112 Discussion IEEE Region 8 SYP Congress Arvaniti/Ghassemian
11:40 0:20:00 113 Discussion MGA Chair’s address Wong
12:00 0:20:00 114 Discussion MGA Managing Director’s address Jankowski
12:20 0:40:00 115 Discussion Technical Activities report Kuzle
13:00 0:05:00 116 Discussion Presentations – Interactive Session Instructions Stasopoulos/Schmid
13:05 0:01:00 117 Procedural Recess Stasopoulos
13:06 0:04:00 118 Social Group photo
13:10 1:00:00 Social Lunch
14:10 0:05:00 200 Procedural Call to order Stasopoulos
14:15 2:30:00 201 Discussion Presentations / Parallel Tracks All
16:45 0:05:00 202 Procedural Recess Stasopoulos
18:30 1:00:00 Social Short walk (5 min) to the restaurant, Meeting point: Hotel lobby
18:50 0:45:00 Social Cocktail Reception at the Café de Paris
19:35 2:30:00 Social Dinner at the Café de Paris
Sunday, 20 March 2016
8:30 0:05:00 300 Procedural Call to order and roll call Stasopoulos/Schmid
8:35 0:45:00 301 Discussion President-Elect candidates’ debate Costa/Reder/Jefferies
9:20 0:05:00 302 Discussion Secretary’s report Schmid
9:25 0:20:00 303 Discussion Treasurer’s report Harrington
9:45 0:40:00 304 Discussion Member Activities report Boskovic
10:25 0:15:00 305 Discussion Awards & Recognitions Delimar
10:40 0:30:00 Procedural Break
11:10 0:05:00 306 Discussion Tab Piuri
11:15 0:15:00 307 Discussion Section development and vitality Szabo
11:30 1:00:00 308 Discussion IEEE in 2030 Shoop/Michel/Bartleson
12:30 0:20:00 309 Discussion Legal Issues Lach
12:50 0:20:00 310 Discussion Future Conferences (Energycon, Melecon, GCC) Kuzle
13:10 0:15:00 311 Info Sections Congress 2017 Delimar
13:25 0:05:00 312 Info Next Region 8 Committee Meeting Schmid/Madureira
13:30 0:20:00 313 Action Motions Stasopoulos
13:50 0:10:00 314 Info New business All
14:00 0:05:00 315 Action Adjournment Stasopoulos
14:05 1:00:00 316 Social Lunch
Parallel Tracks (Saturday, 19 March 2016, 14:15-16:45)
Time Duration Track 1 Track 2
Topic Presenter Topic Presenter
14:15 0:40:00 IEEE Africa Kaabunga IEEE Europe Delimar, Day, Mancarella, Mynster
14:55 0:05:00 Break
15:00 0:40:00 Humanitarian Activities / SIGHT Kulkarni, Jacob IEEE Region 10, Best Practices and Ways to Cooperate Kappagantu
15:40 0:05:00 Break
15:45 0:40:00 New National Society Agreement Process Kaplan IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress Arvaniti, Dinka, Webert, Stieglmaier

Visa Information for Monaco

  • Passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the date of expiry of your short-stay visa.
  • Your passport must contain at least two blank pages to take the visa and the French entry and exit stamps.
  • When you submit a visa application, you may ask for its validity to start either on the date of issuance or on some other date no later than three months after the date of issuance.
    You may therefore submit a visa application 3 months before your planned date of departure for France.

  • All information can be found on https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/coming-to-france/

  • The Application form to be prepared by the applicants is located here http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/IMG/pdf/Formulaire_SCH_eng.pdf

  • You must comply with the information sheet relating to the category of visa that corresponds to the reasons for your stay in France and include the documents in the order given on the list.

  • All foreign nationals need a visa to enter France except for those cases laid down by the law. Please check if you need a visa to enter France/Monaco by visiting the link https://france-visas.gouv.fr/web/france-visas/ai-je-besoin-d-un-visa

  • If you need a visa please contact France Charles, [email protected], for an invitation letter (put on CC [email protected] and [email protected]) and then get in touch with your local embassy or representative of the French Republic. Please act quickly as visa processing can take some time.
    To issue an invitation letter some personal information is needed,  applicants should provide ALL the following information:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Passport No
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Name and address of the legal Entity/company where the foreigner is employed