Meeting Schedule

106th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting Overview
(subject to change)
 Room1 (Naïade D)Room 2 (Naïade B/C)Room 3 (Mistrau)Room 4 (Room 3239)Main roomMain room
8:00-8:30 All R8 Committee and Subcommittee
members (except Section Chairs)
  R8 Meeting 
8:30-9:00R8 Meeting
9:00-10:00Young Professionals
New Volunteer OrientationHumanitarian Activities
Membership Development
11:00-12:00Students Activities
Educational ActivitiesAwards and Recognition
12:00-13:00Professional Activities
14:00-15:00SYP Congress 2016
Student Activities and
Young Professionals
Action for IndustryConference CoordinationChapter CoordinationPresentations / Parallel TracksLunch
16:00-17:00 Strategic Planning
18:00-18:30Coffee Break
18:30-20:00France Section Presentation and Technical Lecture
(Naïade B/C/D)
Networking Dinner
at the Café de Paris
Meeting Point Hotel Lobby
20:00-20:30Cocktail Reception
20:30-22:30Awards Dinner (Companions Welcome)