2007-April – Sofia

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This is a browsable version of the printed Sofia Agenda book. You can download the complete Agenda Book here [43 MB].

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116-136 Motions, Attendance List and Minutes of the 87th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting in Belgrade/Serbia:  BelgradeMeeting
137-141 Robert’s Rules:  RobertsRules
142 IEEE Code of Ethics:  IEEECodeEthics
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2007, April – Sofia

This page contains information about the IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting held in Sofia on 14-15 April 2007.

Please note that these documents are only accessible to registered voting committee members who were granted access. Please contact [email protected] to claim those rights.


Please find all details about expense reimbursement in Brian Harrington’s e-mail sent on 21 April 2007.

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Agenda Book

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Schedule for IEEE Region 8 Meeting in Sofia/Bulgaria

time activity room
Friday, 13th April 2007
09:00 AM
01:00 PM
Student Activities Committee Melnik
09:00 AM
11:00 AM
Membership Development Varna
11:00 AM
01:00 PM
GOLD Plovdiv
01:00 PM
03:00 PM
Conferences Organization In Region 8 Melnik
01:00 PM
03:00 PM
Professional Activities Meeting Vitosha
03:00 PM
06:00 PM
ComSoc Wireless Workshop:  friday_pm0300_comsoc_wireless_workshop Varna
04:00 PM
06:00 PM
Conferences and Chapters Joint Meeting Plovdiv
Educational Activities Meeting extra meeting room
Membership Activities Committee Vitosha
New Officer Training Melnik
05:00 PM
07:00 PM
Registration Hall
06:00 PM
07:00 PM
Meeting with Local Volunteers Vitosha
07:00 PM
10:00 PM
Reception & Dinner
Saturday, 14th April 2007
08:00 AM
10:00 AM
Education Products and Usage in Region 8 (Moshe Kam):  saturday_am0800_educational_activities Ballroom
08:00 AM
12:00 AM
Industry Relation Activities and ISBIR Program (George Paunovic, Rami Mushcab, Ferhan Ozkan)
–  saturday_am0800b_isbir_program_emine
–  saturday_am0800c_isbir_web_luka
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Coffee Break
10:15 AM
12:15 PM
Transnational Project:  saturday_am1015_transnational_committee Ballroom
12:15 PM
01:30 PM
88th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting
01:30 PM
Introduction & Roundcall (J-G. Remy, C. Borgert) Ballroom
01:45 PM 01:55 PM Adoption of the Agenda (C. Borgert)
01:55 PM 02:10 PM Approval of the Belgrade Minutes (C. Borgert)
02:10 PM 02:15 PM Motion on VCSA Voting Rights (J-G. Remy)
02:15 PM 02:30 PM IEEE ExCom Presentation (C. Desmond):  saturday_pm0215_ieee_celia
02:30 PM 02:45 PM IEEE Foundation Presentation (R. Gowen):  saturday_pm0230_foundation
02:45 PM 03:00 PM IEEE Regional Activities Direction (C. Jankowski):  saturday_pm0245_rad_cj
03:00 PM 03:15 PM Awards

03:15 PM 15:35 PM Coffee Break
03:35 PM 03:45 PM IEEE Education Activities (M. Kam):  saturday_pm0335_educational_activities_short
03:45 PM 04:15 PM Director Elect Candidates Presentation, Q&A

04:15 PM 05:00 PM President Elect Candidates Presentation, Q&A

05:00 PM 05:10 PM Concentration Banking (Marc Apter, Pedro Ray): 
05:10 PM 05:25 PM Presentation on MBU (P. Ray):  saturday_pm0510_mbu
05:25 PM 05:29 PM Information on Sections Congress 2008 (A. Davies):  saturday_pm0525_sc08
05:30 PM
08:00 PM
Social Event
08:00 PM – Region 8 Dinner
Sunday, 15th April 2007
88th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting (continued)
08:15 AM 08:35 AM Directors presentation (J-G Remy):  sunday_am0815_director Ballroom
08:35 PM 08:45 PM Director Presentation Approval
08:45 AM 09:05 AM Treasurer’s report (B. Harrington):  sunday_am0845_treasurer
09:05 AM 09:15 AM Treasurer Report Approval
09:15 AM 09:35 AM VC SP & Chair N&A Committee Report (B. Zajc):  saturday_pm0335_baldomir
09:35 AM 09:45 AM Approval
09:45 AM 10:05 AM Coffee Break
10:05 AM 10:50 AM VC SA Report & Approval (M. Bastiaans)

10:50 AM 11:35 AM VC MA Report & Approval (M. Delimar):  sunday_am1050_mac
11:35 AM 12:20 AM VC TA Report & Approval (G. Paunovic):  sunday_am1135_tac
12:20 AM 12:30 AM Wrap-up, next meeting and adjourn
12:30 PM Lunch