2007, April – Sofia Agenda Book Index

This is a browsable version of the printed Sofia Agenda book. You can download the complete Agenda Book here [43 MB].

Table of Content

Page Report
3-5 Agenda Sofia:  Agenda
6 Floor Plan Kempinski:  FloorPlan
7-72 OpCom & VC Reports
Awards & Recognitions:  AwardsandRecognitions
New Sections Development:  NewSectionsDevelopment
Past Director:  PastDirector
Treasurer:  Treasurer
Membership Activities:  MembershipActivities
Student Activities:  r8sac_sofia
Technical Activities:
73-115 Section Reports [in alphabetical order]
Austria Iceland:  Iceland Romania:  Romania
Bahrain:  Sofia_Bulgaria+April+2007 Iran Russia
Belarus Israel Russia (Northwest):  Russia-Northwest
Benelux:  Benelux Italy Russia (Siberia):  Russia-Siberia
Bosnia and Herzegovina:  BosniaHerzegovina Jordan:  Jordan Saudi Arabia:  SaudiArabia
Bulgaria:  Bulgaria Kenya:  Kenya Saudi Arabia (West):  SaudiArabiaWest
Croatia:  Croatia Kuwait Serbia and Montenegro:  SerbiaMontenegro
Cyprus:  Cyprus Lebanon:  Lebanon Slovenia:  Slovenia
Czechoslovakia:  Czechoslovakia Lithuania:  Lithuania South Africa:  SouthAfrica
Denmark:  Denmark Malta:  Malta Spain:  Spain
Egypt Morocco:  Morocco Sweden:  Sweden
Egypt (Alexandria Subsection) Nigeria:  Nigeria Switzerland:  Switzerland
Estonia:  Estonia Norway:  Norway Tanzania Subsection
Finland Oman Turkey:  Turkey
France:  France Poland:  Poland Ukraine:  Ukraine
Germany:  Germany Portugal:  Portugal United Arab Emirates
Greece Qatar United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland:  UKRI
Hungary:  Hungary Republic of Macedonia:  RepublicMacedonia
116-136 Motions, Attendance List and Minutes of the 87th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting in Belgrade/Serbia:  BelgradeMeeting
137-141 Robert’s Rules:  RobertsRules
142 IEEE Code of Ethics:  IEEECodeEthics
Other reports and presentations
IEEE Foundation
IEEE Region 8 Concentration Banking Account & Debit Card Incentive Program:  Banking
IEEE R8 Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator (Excel file ):  VCF