2016-September – Porto

2016-September – Porto

This page contains information about the 107th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held  in Porto on 24-25 of September 2016.

OpCom Reports

Director (Costas Stasopoulos)Director-Elect (Margaretha Eriksson)
Past-Director (Martin Bastiaans) Secretary (Christian Schmid)
Treasurer (Brian Harrington) V/C Member Activities (Dusanka Boskovic)
V/C Student Activities (Mona Ghassemian) V/C Technical Activities (Igor Kuzle)


Subcommittee Reports

Action for Industry (AfI) Humanitarian Activities Subcommittee (HuA) Region Vitality Coordinator (RVC)
Awards & Recognition Subcommittee (A&RSC) History Activities Coordinator (HA) Standards Coordinator  (StC)
Chapter Coordination Subcommittee (ChCSC) Life Member Coordinator (LM) Strategic Planning
Conference Coordination SubCommittee (CoCSC) Membership Development Subcommittee (MDSC) Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator (VCF)
Educational Activities SubCommittee (EASC) Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee Women in Engineering Coordinator (WIE)
Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC) Professional Activities Subcommittee (PASC) Young Professionals Subcommittee (YP)
Region 8 News (R8News)


Section Reports

Algeria Section Iceland Section Republic of Macedonia Section
Austria Section Iran Section Romania Section
Bahrain SectionIraq Section Russia Section
Belarus Section Israel Section Russia (Northwest) Section
Benelux Section Italy Section Russia (Siberia) Section
Bosnia and Herzegovina Section Jordan Section Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bulgaria Section Kenya Section Saudi Arabia (West) Section
Croatia Section Kuwait Section Serbia And Montenegro Section
Cyprus Section Latvia Section Slovenia Section
Czechoslovakia Section Lebanon Section South Africa Section
Denmark Section Lithuania Section Spain Section
Egypt Section Malta Section Sweden Section
Estonia Section Morocco Section Switzerland Section
Finland Section Nigeria Section Tunisia Section
France Section Norway Section Turkey Section
Germany Section Oman Section UK and Ireland Section
Ghana Section Poland Section Ukraine Section
Greece Section Portugal Section United Arab Emirates Section
Hungary Section Qatar Section Zambia Section



Meeting Schedule

107th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting Overview(subject to change)
Main roomMain room
8:00-8:30R8 Meeting
8:30-9:00R8 Meeting
9:00-10:00Chapter Coordination Meeting
13:00-14:00Lunch for Chapter Coordination Meeting OnlyLunch
14:00-15:00Chapter Coordination MeetingSections Congress
17:45-18:15Recording Chapter Technical and Section Professional meetings
18:15-18:30Coffee Break
18:30-20:00Portugal Section Presentation and
Technical Lecture
Dinner with Awards Ceremony
Taylor’s Port Cellars Porto
Meeting Point for Bus Transfer:
18:30 outside the Palacio Hotel
20:00-20:30Cocktail Reception
20:30-22:30Welcome Dinner

Order of the day

Friday, 23 September 2016
17:45Recording Chapter Technical and Section Professional meetingsCoughlin
18:15Coffee Break
18:30Portugal Section PresentationMadureira
19:00Industry 4.0 – Beyond the HypeFrancisco Almada Lobo
19:45Cocktail Reception
20:15Welcome Dinner – Dress Code: Business Casual
Saturday, 24 September 2016
8:00100ProceduralCall to OrderStasopoulos
8:05101ProceduralRoll Call and Introduction of New OfficersSchmid
8:20102ProceduralWelcome by Portugal SectionMadureira
8:25103ProceduralIntroductory RemarksStasopoulos/Schmid
8:30104ActionApproval of the AgendaStasopoulos
8:35105ActionApproval of the Consent AgendaStasopoulos
8:40106DiscussionIEEE Region 8 Director’s AddressStasopoulos
9:15107DiscussionIEEE President’s AddressShoop
9:35108DiscussionMGA VP AddressWong
10:00ProceduralCoffee Break
10:20109DiscussionIEEE Europe – IEEE European Public Policy Initiative operations and assessmentMarko
11:00110DiscussionStudent Activities ReportGhassemian/Arvaniti
11:20111DiscussionIEEE Region 8 SYP CongressArvaniti/Dinca
11:30112DiscussionBest Practices in Region 6Coughlin
11:40113DiscussionSection Development and VitalitySzabo
11:55114DiscussionTechnical Activities ReportKuzle
12:25115DiscussionAwards & RecognitionsDelimar
12:35116DiscussionAfrica Area ReportChukwudebe
12:45117DiscussionAction for IndustryStasopoulos/Matilla
13:01119SocialGroup photo
14:05200ProceduralCall to OrderStasopoulos
14:10201DiscussionSections Congress Presentation
Reccommendation Instructions
Delimar/ Salazar Palma/ Bastiaans
14:40202DiscussionBreakout SessionsDelimar/ Salazar Palma/ Bastiaans
16:10203DiscussionPresentation of ResultsDelimar/ Salazar Palma/ Bastiaans
16:40204ProceduralRecessDelimar/ Salazar Palma/ Bastiaans
18:40SocialMeeting Point for Bus: Outside Hotel
18:50SocialBus tour through Porto
19:35SocialDinner and Awards Ceremony, Dress Code: Formal
Taylor’s Port Cellars Porto
Sunday, 25 September 2016
8:30300ProceduralCall to Order and Roll RallStasopoulos/Schmid
8:35301DiscussionNominations and Appointments Report and Election InstructionsBastiaans
8:50302DiscussionCandidate Presentations and DiscussionBastiaans
9:50303DiscussionExecutive SessionBastiaans
10:45ProceduralCoffee Break
11:15305DiscussionPresentation of Election ResultsBastiaans
11:20306DiscussionSecretary’s ReportSchmid
11:30307DiscussionTreasurer’s ReportHarrington
11:50308DiscussionInnovation FundHarrington
12:05309DiscussionMember Activities ReportBoskovic
12:25310DiscussionFuture Conferences (Energycon, Melecon, GCC)Kuzle
12:35311DiscussionVision for an Enhanced MGA-TA Synergy 2017/2018Marina
12:55312DiscussionVision for Region 8 2017/2018Eriksson
13:10313InfoNext Region 8 Committee MeetingSchmid/Edvinsson
13:35315InfoNew BusinessAll
Consent Agenda
401ActionApproval of the minutes of the 106th Region 8 Committee meeting