SAMIEEE Training Invitation

IEEE recently launched the new IEEE Business Platform (IBP).  The final phase of the IBP launch is to upgrade SAMIEEE.  The new version of SAMIEEE will be available on 16 April 2012.  

With this upgrade, some of the SAMIEEE menus and options will change, but much of the basic functionality will remain the same.    See a presentation on what’s coming with the SAMIEEE upgrade on the SAMIEEE web page at  

In order to prepare you for this upgrade, we will be offering training for all users.  Training will be offered in two ways:  
–  Online, instructor led, training using web conferences (1 hour)  
–  Online video tutorials (Available 16 April 2012)  

The dates for the initial web conferences are listed below and are targeted to existing users transitioning to the new version.   Web conference details are attached at the bottom of this message.  

Training Dates  
–  Tuesday 10 April 2012, 10:00 am EDT,  UTC/GMT -4 hours  
–  Wednesday 11 April 2012, 10:00 am EDT, UTC/GMT -4 hours  
–  Thursday 12 April 2012, 10:00 am EDT, UTC/GMT -4 hours

Mark your calendars!  To be sure you arrive at the correct time, please refer to  for time zone questions.  

More classes will be offered during the weeks of 16 and 23 April and will include classes for new users.  A schedule will be posted to the SAMIEEE web page shortly.

Please note the current version of SAMIEEE will continue to be available until 16 April.  However, the data has not been refreshed since 28 March.  Data will not be refreshed until the update is complete on 16 April and the new version is launched.