WebEx and Teleconference as a way of hosting IEEE Section events

Many IEEE sections in our region are geographically large.
Starting 2011, IEEE Region 8 has hosted a number of WebEx events (“Webinars”).
This service is available at no cost for IEEE Section events.

We are sharing some steps for this:

  1.  Setup a regular event using IEEE vTools: https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/main/login
    Enabling the “registration” link assists to keep track of who may be your attendees!
  2. Promote your event!
    Use either your own SAMIEEE mailing lists, or use IEEE e-Notice.
    Social media, such as Facebook Groups, Google Plus, etc can be a great way to promote your event!
  3. At least five (5) working days in advance of your event, request a WebEx event setup:
    – Your request will be processed by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Information Management team ([email protected])
    – If you’ve selected the teleconference option, you’ll also get the process to setup your audio. In case you’re in a country which does not have a toll-free, you could consider using Skype or Google Phone to reach the US toll-free number.
    – Remember to send out the WebEx event link, conference code & link for global toll-free numbers to your participants.
    – – This could also serve as a meeting reminder!
  4. During your event, you can record the WebEx session! For more information, see:
  5. Following your event, remember to submit a “L-31” report (using vTools) & also submit a short article to Region 8 news or other media!
    (Steps 1-2 could be skipped if you want to setup a WebEx event for smaller meeting, e.g. Section ExCom meeting).

Best with your Webinars!


Saurabh Sinha, [email protected]
2011/2 Vice-Chair for Technical Activities