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HISTELCON 2015 Conference:  HISTORY OF HIGH-TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR SOCIO-CULTURAL CONTEXTS    Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 16-21 August 2015.

HISTELCON 2017 conference will be in Kyoto, Japan (e.g. the first time outside R8), in August 2017

HISTELCON – HIStory of ELectrotechnolgy CONference – is a flagship Conference of IEEE egion 8 and IEEE History Center, and  sharing by IEEE Tokyo Section and more IEEE Regions is an ongoing plan.
The 2015 HISTELCON was held in conjunction with ICOHTEC (International Committee on History of Technology) 42th Symposium, and with the 10th Historical Conference of IEEE History Committee and History Center, with cooperation of the Cohen Institute for History and Philosophy of Science at Tel-Aviv University, the Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University and the EE Section of the AEAI (Israel National Engineering Society).

Conference Theme
HISTELCON 2015 was designed to explore the phenomenon of “High Technologies” at various historical epochs from multiple historical and contemporary perspectives.
Recognized as a major force in the modern world, Hi-Tech attracts the attention of experts from many fields. This joint Conference was to allow interaction of historians and sociologists of technology and science, with practicing engineers, scientists and technical experts, reflecting their experience and discipline.
The main theme is “History of High-Technologies and their Socio-Cultural contexts”.
Original and innovative contributions were invited in areas including:
● Origins and early developments of High-Technologies
● The Cultural/Social/Economical Drivers for the development of High-Technologies.
● The impact of High-Technologies on Culture/Society/Economics.
● Governmental Policies to foster High-Technologies in different cultures/societies.

A beginner’s guide to making proposals for IEEE History Milestones has been added to the History Activities section under Member Activities.

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