History Activities in Glasgow Updated Again

The details about HISTELCON2019 to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, on 18-19th September 2019 at Strathclyde University Technology and Innovation Cenre, are now available on the conference website: www.histelcon2019.org.

There are a number of other IEEE events in Glasgow during that week including a History Milestone Unveiling at the Hunterian, which is a museum on the University of Glasgow campus and this will be followed by a free-to-attend technical symposium from 1500 to 1700.  All of this is on 17th September 2019.

IEEE History Milestone about the Standardisation of the Unit of Electrical Resistance (the OHM)

This new IEEE History Milestone to recognises the work done to standardise the unit of electrical resistance.  At the time, there were many incompatible and differing standards and selecting a single reproducible one was of great important for the successful design and operation of undersea communications cables.  The availability of fast communications by cable between continents had a huge social impact, and led to the development of better and faster communications between the peoples of the world, with a huge impact on the lives of most people.

The afternoon technical symposium requires advance registration in order to estimate numbers.  The link to register is:


The symposium will take place in the James Watt South building, University of Glasgow (A1 on Campus Map), in Room 526.


Chair: Mike Hinchey (IEEE UK&I Section Chair)

  • Prof Peter Grant, Emeritus Regius Professor of Engineering and John Thompson, University of Edinburgh, “Early electrical resistance standards”
  • Prof Jan-Theodoor Janssen, Research Director, National Physical Laboratory, UK, “Evolution of the measurement of the Ohm over the last century”
  • Don Wright, Past President IEEE Standards Association and from Standards Strategies, Louisville, Kentucky “Changes in International Standardization over the last decade”

Closing remarks: Prof Charles Turner (formerly Siemens Professor of Electrical Engineering at King’s College London).


More details about this Milestone can be read at the ETHW website:


Tony Davies

2019 July 28th, updated 2019 Aug 18th