About MD

The R8 Membership Development Sub-Committee (MDSC) is responsible to coordinate the information flow and all MD activities between IEEE and the sections, to facilitate membership development initiatives and events in R8 sections.
Due to the large geographic area and more than 50 Sections in R8, it is extremely important that every section has a Section MD Officer, appointed by the Section Chair. The Section MD Officer is responsible for all membership development related activities and events in the section and he has the duty to distribute all IEEE information, programs, and materials to the members and to convince members and non-members of the many benefits of IEEE. For the MD Officer job description visit this link.
The R8 MD Sub-Committee will inform, guide and instruct the section MD officers on the latest IEEE MD programs by regular e-mails, the MD Newsletters, MD Reports, statistical membership records, MD presentations, and other IEEE promotion material.

The major goals of the MD Sub-Committee are:

  • to increase membership in Region 8 on all levels by recruiting new members, retaining current members and recovering members in arrears,
  • to promote elevations in grade,
  • and to increase awareness of the values of IEEE membership.

The MD Sub-Committee will create, promote and monitor appropriate MD programs to reach these goals, to recruit students and engineers, and to convince them on the many benefits of being a lifelong IEEE member. The R8 MD Sub-Committee will therefore initiate several MD activities, campaigns and special events in R8 and will encourage the section MD officers to actively participate in these activities. We will of course provide them with necessary programs and presentations, data records, best practices and promotion material from IEEE and R8.

For more information please read the IEEE Membership Development Manual on the IEEE MD web page or use our link bellow. Join the Membership Development Community. Visit the many IEEE platforms, like myIEEEIEEE.tv, etc.

If you have questions and need help, please contact the members of the R8 MD Sub-Committee.