E-Membership for Developing Nations

Electronic Membership Options Offer Reduced Dues Edit

Depending on the country in which you live, you may be eligible to select an electronic membership option which significantly lowers the cost of IEEE membership dues. Electronic membership means that you will not receive a paper membership card, or paper copies of publications. You will have access to a PDF file in your IEEE Account that contains your membership card and membership materials. All publications will be delivered to you electronically, and can be accessed with your IEEE Account through IEEE Xplore.All IEEE membership benefits otherwise remain the same. Your years of service, member grade, and grade elevation eligibility are not affected. Electronic membership offers you reduced membership dues depending on the country in which you live. There are 150 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia that qualify. In most of these countries, electronic membership costs US$81-US$90. In 31 countries with extremely low incomes, IEEE membership dues are US$27. Professional members residing in eligible countries will see the electronic membership option automatically when they join or renew their IEEE membership.

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As of 16 August, IEEE has begun officially offering a new electronic membership (e-Membership) option to individuals in developing nations, beginning in the 2011 membership year. It is a paperless membership option with reduced annual dues of 

US $63

compared to the traditional membership option dues of US $149 in Region 8. The new option will be offered to both new and renewing professional grade members who live in one of 153 countries where the per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is under $15,000, based on data provided by the United Nations.

Available only to higher grades of membership, the e-Membership option is designed to make IEEE membership more affordable to more people. Information packages are being mailed to the respective Section leadership. More information about the e-Membership offering can be found at www.ieee.org/emember