Industry Ambassadors

IEEE R8 Action for Industry will be enabled by engagement with Sections throughout R8. To achieve this engagement each Section is asked to appoint an Industry Ambassador amongst their local members to liaise with the AfI SIA Coordination team. The Industry Ambassadors are the main contact point to local industries. They are local representatives of AfI and the primary contact point to the local industries. Engagement of all Sections is vital to build strong relations with industry in the nations of R8.


SIA Coordination program is to nurture the network of Industry Ambassadors by providing support for their work. The SIA Coordination team maintains the record of SIAs, inducts new SIAs, supports SIA with their outreach to companies, for example, by providing them with relevant information on the value of engaging with IEEE and support for performing the formally engagement with companies by signing and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Number of meetings organized and MoUs signed are the KPIs for this program.