IEEE R8 Sections Conference Coordinators

The IEEE Region 8 Conference Coordination SubCommittee is working closely with the section conference coordinators in order to provide the best service to the community. Don’t hesitate to contact your section conference coordinator and start planning your conference.


OU Name Last Name First Name Email Address
Algeria Section Chaib Noureddine [email protected]
Bahrain Section Alqaddoumi Abdulla [email protected]
Benelux Section Van Hertem Dirk [email protected]
Croatia Section Kusek Mario [email protected]
Cyprus Section Maimaris Athanasios [email protected]
Egypt Section Madian Ahmed [email protected]
France Section Rivet Francois [email protected]
Germany Section Kaplan Shaun [email protected]
Ghana Section Martey Ezekiel Mensah [email protected]
Hungary Section Szakal Aniko [email protected]
Italy Section ZIZZO GAETANO [email protected]
Lebanon Section Kassem Abdallah [email protected]
Lithuania Section Plonis Darius [email protected]
Mauritius Section Armoogum Vinaye [email protected]
Poland Section Paprzycki Marcin [email protected]
Portugal Section Fernandes Telmo [email protected]
Romania Section Gavrilas Mihai [email protected]
Russia (Northwest) Section Shaposhnikov Sergey [email protected]
Russia (Siberia) Section Gorbunov Roman [email protected]
Saudi Arabia Section alarfaj omar [email protected]
Serbia And Montenegro Section Koprivica Mladen [email protected]
South Africa Section Hancke Gerhard [email protected]
Spain Section LloretMauri Jaime [email protected]
Tunisia Section Loulou Mourad [email protected]
United Arab Emirates Section Gawanmeh Amjad [email protected]
United Kingdom and Ireland Section Kucukdemiral Ibrahim [email protected]
Yemen Subsection Zahary Ammar [email protected]


Call for Appoint of Section Conference Coordinators

Dear Section Chairs,

We would like to propose an approach to streamline working with and likely to organize very successful events.

IEEE Region 8 Conference Coordination SubCommittee (CoCSC) has been running since more than 20 years ago. The CoCSC aims to facilitate the planning, development, implementation, coordination, and to monitor and to provide oversight for Region 8 conferences, conventions and technical events sponsored or cosponsored by Region 8, and liaise with and advise Societies and Technical Councils planning conferences in Region 8.

The subcommittee website,, contains several materials helpful for organising conferences. You and your section team are welcome to visit it.

Since conferences are among the most important activities in IEEE and Region 8, thanks to the important opportunities that they provide, e.g. for networking in Europe, Africa, and Middle-East, we want to improve the relationship with the R8 sections and subsections.

We recommend you the following steps to help your section to improve the conference activities, and request to carry them out as soon as possible:

  1. Appoint your Section Conference Coordinator (if not yet appointed). If needed, a draft job description is provided below.

  2. Report/add/verify that your appointed coordinator appears in the vtools platform

  3. Communicate to your Section members, especially the chapters/affinity groups officers as well as the current and potential conference organizers, about:

    1. IEEE R8 Conferences Sponsorships opportunities

    2. IEEE Meeting & Conference Management (MCE) available support for organizing successful meetings, including hybrid and virtual events:

    3. IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) providing several trainings and webinars for conference organizers:

Please also note that the R8 CoCSC is also looking for ideas for new R8 flagship events / projects on cutting edge topics and sectors, which can be organized as virtual at the beginning, and the successful ones can be promoted to face-to-face events in the future.

In small sections: Section Chair could help as Section’s Conference Coordinator.

If you have any questions related to the R8 conferences or would like to know more how to be involved in our activities, please feel free to contact us at the email [email protected].


Section Conference Coordinator – Job Description:

The Section Conference Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and arranging major IEEE conferences in the Section and to ensure the good technical quality of conferences technically / financially co-sponsored by the section as well as by the local chapters.

Summary of duties and responsibilities:

  • Activities, including but not limited to planning, organizing, controlling and keeping the executive updated as to fundraising and budgeting for planned major events such conferences to be supported by Section.

  • Be aware of Section demographics with relation to membership employed by academia, industry, and government.  Where appropriate, coordinate with the Awards & Recognitions Chair for special initiatives related to events.

  • Maintain information about  expos and conferences in the section and, where appropriate, promote these to the IEEE membership.

  • Help and support conference organizers to succeed in organizing IEEE conferences.

  • Maintain the report of each conference organized in the section.

  • Submit a regular report to the Section Executive Committee and the R8 Conference Coordination Subcommittee on status of conferences and potential events to be considered for our memberships benefit.

  • Passes all relevant records of office at the end of term to the successor.


  • Must be an IEEE member in good standing.

  • Must be an active IEEE member of Graduate Student Member grade or higher.

  • Must reside in the geographic boundaries of the Section.

  • Should have a Conference organizer experience.

  • Ability to spend sufficient time and energy to support conference organizers.

  • Ability to respond quickly to communications by email.