This message is being posted on behalf of Paul Nikolich, TAB Committee on Standards (CoS) Chair.

Society/Council Standards Volunteers:

This is the second call for 2021 to provide seed funding for projects initiating innovative standards efforts. As before, we are looking for proposals from Societies and Councils (S/Cs) that currently have little or no standards activities. However, we will consider proposals from other S/Cs that describe innovative approaches. (See Q. 1 of the FAQ in the attachment for more explanation.)

Because of continued uncertainties and IEEE travel restrictions, this call requests proposals for projects that can be initiated immediately and performed without travel.

To submit a proposal, please complete the attached Funding Request Form and send to Patrick McCarren ([email protected] ) and Paul Nikolich ([email protected] ) by 11:59 pm in your time zone, July 1, 2021.

In preparing the proposal for submission, please pay careful attention to the guidance embedded in the Form and to the FAQ appended to the Form. Please note the requirement that the proposed objectives must have particular characteristics, i.e., that they be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented. (See Section 1 of the Form and Q8 of the FAQ).

Thank you in advance.

Paul Nikolich
Chair, TAB CoS