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2013-October – Sarajevo

This page contains information about the 101st IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held in Sarajevo on 05-06 of October 2013.
R8 Agenda Item Template

Agenda Book
Approved minutes from Madrid
Travel Advisory Sarajevo

Consent Agenda
Order of the day

Saturday Presentations
Sunday Presentations

Costas Stasopoulos Presentation: Section development and vitality - Section reporting

¡Meeting Photographs!
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OpCom Reports

Director  (Martin Bastiaans)

Past-Director  (Marko Delimar)

Secretary  (Ali El-Mousa)

Treasurer  (Brian Harrington)

V/C Member Activities  (Aleksandar Szabo)

V/C Student Activities  (Pablo Herrero)

V/C Technical Activities  (Carl Debono)

Subcommittee Reports

Awards & Recognition Subcommittee  (A&RSC)

History Activities Coordinator  (HA) Region 8 News  (R8News)

Chapter Coordination Subcommittee  (ChCSC)

Industry Relations Subcommittee  (IRSC)

Section Congress Coordinator

Conference Coordination SubCommittee  (CoCSC)

Jubilee Book Editorial Board Standards Coordinator  (StC)

Educational Activities SubCommittee (EASC)

Life Member Coordinator  (LM)

Strategic Planning

Electronic Communciations Coordinator  (ECC) Membership Development Subcommittee  (MDSC) Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator  (VCF)

GOLD Subcommittee  (GOLD)

Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee
Biographical Notes of Candidates:
Carl James Debono
Margaretha A K Eriksson
Pablo Herrero
Magdalena Salazar Palma
Aleksandar Szabo
Women in Engineering Coordinator  (WIE)
Professional Activities Subcommittee  (PASC)

Section Reports

Austria Section Germany Section Lithuania Section Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bahrain Section Ghana Section Malta Section Saudi Arabia (West) Section
Belarus Section Greece Section Morocco Section Serbia And Montenegro Section
Benelux Section Hungary Section Nigeria Section Slovenia Section
Bosnia and Herzegovina Section Iceland Section Norway Section South Africa Section
Bulgaria Section Iran Section Oman Section Spain Section
Croatia Section Iraq Section Poland Section Sweden Section
Cyprus Section Israel Section Portugal Section Switzerland Section
Czechoslovakia Section Italy Section Qatar Section Tunisia Section
Denmark Section Jordan Section Republic of Macedonia Section Turkey Section
Egypt Section Kenya Section Romania Section U.K.& Rep Of Ireland Section
Estonia Section Kuwait Section Russia Section Ukraine Section
Finland Section Latvia Section Russia (Northwest) Section United Arab Emirates Section
France Section Lebanon Section Russia (Siberia) Section Zambia Section

Sub-Section Reports

Algeria Sub-Section Botswana Sub-Section Mauritius Sub-Section Palestine Sub-Section
SFAX Sub-Section Sudan Sub-Section Tanzania Sub-Section