Activities of Women in Engineering Affinity Groups of IEEE West Saudi Arabia Sections

To enhance the role of Saudi young men and women engineers in the community, Women in Engineering Affinity Groups of IEEE West Saudi Arabia Sections organized two activities in Effat University and King Abdulaziz University during February & March 2013. The details of the activities are listed below:

Participation of WiE Western Saudi Arabia Section in”10th Learning & Technology Conference: Cloud Spacing” at Effat University, 25-26 February 2013

wie west saudi arabia 1   The first activity was participating in:  “10th Learning & Technology Conference: Cloud Spacing” held in Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 25-26 February 2013, and attended by more than 500 participants. WiE participation aimed to:

  • Inspire, engage, encourage, and empower men & women engineers in Saudi Arabia
  • Expand their networking encounters
  • Lead by example through the women in engineering models’ leadership roles
  • Learn to overcome the challenges in career advancement in the engineering and sciences professions
  • Review the scientific papers submitted by conference speakers
  • Participate in organization

The conference targeted students and professionals from education, engineering and computer sciences departments from various universities in addition to Industry from Saudi Arabia, and all over the world. WiE Western Saudi Arabia Section organized WiE Introductory lecture and Technical Seminar titled: “Using Agile Project Management in Software Projects” at KAU in 13 March 2013


The second activity was Introduction to IEEE and  Women in Engineering AG and how to establish WiE Student Branch at King Abdulaziz University (Female Campus), followed by Technical Seminar “Using Agile Project Management in Software/ I.T. Projects

wie west saudi arabia 2     wie west saudi arabia 3 The event has been attended by 30 students and faculty members from different departments: Information technology, Information Systems, and Computer Sciences. The workshop has positively reflected on the membership growth as many non-IEEE students and faculty members showed their interest in joining IEEE membership and establishing IEEE WiE Student branches/chapters at KAU.  The speaker showed the students how to subscribe in WiE membership and they showed their interest in attending future activities of WiE such as Schools visits.