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Lucija Brezočnik is the first ever female SPC Winner

Did you know that the leading winners of the longest-running Region 8 contest, the Student Paper Contest, were always men until 2016? This year, Lucija Brezočnik is the first ever female SPC winner.
And she has a message, especially for the R8 WIE community. “Do not let a stereotype, that in the STEM fields one gender is better than the other, discourage you from taking this career path. It is easier to give up and convince yourself that STEM is not for you, but if you give it a try and then succeed, you can inspire others, regardless of gender. Therefore, go after your passion, dream big, work hard, learn from your mistakes, do not always take the easiest or safe way, and surround yourself with people who support you. And remember, success is not based on gender, but on your merit!”

After completing primary and secondary school, she enrolled in the university study program titled Informatics and Technologies of Communication, option Information Systems, at the UM FERI. She finished the undergraduate studies in September 2014 with a diploma work titled Development of a decision support system using the non-dominated sorting. Due to her desire to deepen and upgrade knowledge, she continued her studies by enrolling in the master’s study program Informatics and Technology of Communication in the same year. She successfully defended the master’s thesis entitled Particle swarm optimization in feature selection for classification in August 2016. She never used the year off.

During her studies, she was active in many fields. In 2013, she became an online technical editor of the Advances in Production Engineering & Management (APEM) journal, which is abstracted and indexed in the world’s leading bibliographic databases, including Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier). A year later, she developed a website for SpinRCP, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Spin model checker, and since then she has been an online editor for this product. At the invitation of the Institute of Informatics at UM FERI, she participated as a developer in the student project “Creative Path to Practical Knowledge,” titled Location-based mobile application testing approach, partially financed by the European Union.

During her master’s study, she received and accepted the offer for a job as a technical assistant at the UM FERI Institute of Informatics. After being elected to the title of an assistant in the subject area of Informatics in 2017, she has an assistant position.

In each academic year of her studies, she was ranked among the top 5% of the most successful students in her generation. In the academic year 2015/2016, she was recognized as the best graduate of second-degree study programs and received the award for outstanding student contribution at UM FERI. She was honoured also by the 2017 University of Maribor rector’s prize.

As a Ph.D. student of Computer Science and Informatics, her research covers the area of computational intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and swarm intelligence. In the past two years, as a young academic, she has prepared and presented seven scientific conference papers, two papers in professional conferences, one scientific conference contribution abstract, and the integral part of a monograph. Currently, one of her scientific articles is in the review process.

More about Lucija can be found on https://ii.feri.um.si/en/person/lucija-brezocnik-2/.

WIE Workshops Presented at CEuSBC 2013 Opole, Poland & at MESBC 2013 Beirut, Lebanon

The Central European Student Branch Congress (CEuSBC) took place in Opole, Poland 13-15 May 2013. A few weeks later the Middle East Student Branch congress took place in Lebanon 28 May – 1 June  2013. The IEEE Region 8 WIE committee organized IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) workshops for students at these congresses. The main objectives of the workshops was to increase the visibility of WIE for IEEE members at universities and student branches.

Simay Akar presented the workshops

  • WIE Presentation delivered to attendees
  • Importance of WIE discussed
  • 2 groups designed WIE SBAG Action Plan based on “Best Practices”
  • Some Great Ideas:
  • Social Activities based on cultural interest: Talent Shows, Cooking Competitions. Importance of cultural interest in locals highlighted.
  • Social Responsibility Campaigns and Projects
  • IEEE WIE Day: Specific day all around to celebrate women achievement
  • Pre University Activities: High School Visits, Orientation Days
  • Professional Activities: Distance Learning for Women in Engineers, especially for those keeping far away her professional life for a while with the reasons like pregnancy

CEuSBC in Pictures:


Picture17 Picture14 Picture12

MESBC in Pictures:

Picture1 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Picture9




WIE @ LYIT 2013

WIE@LYIT presents Selected Topics in Enterprise Applications Development

19th June  2013, 1-30-4pm in Letterkenny Institute of Technology


Guest speakers include Dr. David Dampier on Security in Large Scale Applications, Ms Mary Tuite on Experiences with Mainframe Application Analysis for the Banking Sector and Ms. Sharon Greene on Quality Assurance in the Enterprise.


The event is free to attend but registration is required to aid with catering. This event provides a forum for discussion and networking on technical topics in enterprise scale networking. As a secondary but essential element the event aims to encourage more women to progress in the field through support and advice from others.



WIE Workshop at the 2013 Iberian Student Branch Congress – Porto, Portugal

The Iberian Student Branch Congress 2013 (ISBC) took place in Porto, Portugal during 15 – 17 March 2013. The IEEE Region 8 WIE committee participated in organising an IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) workshop for students at the congress. The main objective of the workshop was to increase the visibility of WIE for IEEE members at universities and student branches.

Simay Akar presented the workshop with great success.

isbc3  isbc5

During the workshop, the following activities were carried out:

  • WIE Presentation delivered to attendees
  • Importance of WIE discussed
  • An interactive component of workshop was carried out
    • 2 groups designed WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups  activities based on: Pre-University Educational Outreach & Professional and Career Development topics
    • The Pre-University Educational Outreach group designed a project similar to TISP (IEEE Teacher in-Service Program) , with a focus of parents.  The project was named as “WISP”
    • The Professional and Career Development group designed WIE Student Congress (Global level);  to enable WIE members to develop their career and networking in this WIE Student Congress

Look out for similar workshops at future student events like this in Region 8.


Activities of Women in Engineering Affinity Groups of IEEE West Saudi Arabia Sections

To enhance the role of Saudi young men and women engineers in the community, Women in Engineering Affinity Groups of IEEE West Saudi Arabia Sections organized two activities in Effat University and King Abdulaziz University during February & March 2013. The details of the activities are listed below:

Participation of WiE Western Saudi Arabia Section in”10th Learning & Technology Conference: Cloud Spacing” at Effat University, 25-26 February 2013

wie west saudi arabia 1   The first activity was participating in:  “10th Learning & Technology Conference: Cloud Spacing” held in Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 25-26 February 2013, and attended by more than 500 participants. WiE participation aimed to:

  • Inspire, engage, encourage, and empower men & women engineers in Saudi Arabia
  • Expand their networking encounters
  • Lead by example through the women in engineering models’ leadership roles
  • Learn to overcome the challenges in career advancement in the engineering and sciences professions
  • Review the scientific papers submitted by conference speakers
  • Participate in organization

The conference targeted students and professionals from education, engineering and computer sciences departments from various universities in addition to Industry from Saudi Arabia, and all over the world. WiE Western Saudi Arabia Section organized WiE Introductory lecture and Technical Seminar titled: “Using Agile Project Management in Software Projects” at KAU in 13 March 2013


The second activity was Introduction to IEEE and  Women in Engineering AG and how to establish WiE Student Branch at King Abdulaziz University (Female Campus), followed by Technical Seminar “Using Agile Project Management in Software/ I.T. Projects

wie west saudi arabia 2     wie west saudi arabia 3 The event has been attended by 30 students and faculty members from different departments: Information technology, Information Systems, and Computer Sciences. The workshop has positively reflected on the membership growth as many non-IEEE students and faculty members showed their interest in joining IEEE membership and establishing IEEE WiE Student branches/chapters at KAU.  The speaker showed the students how to subscribe in WiE membership and they showed their interest in attending future activities of WiE such as Schools visits.

SBC 2010 IEEE Women In Engineering Workshops

IEEE Women In Engineering, Importance and Challenges

Bashayer Ibrahim Al-Awwad and Pilar Molina Gaudó

Date and time
Friday August 6, 9h30-10h45


The workshop will have two parts:

  • A presentation that covers the aspects about IEEE WIE vision and mission. It is also going to cover the expected benefits of becoming a member in IEEE and WIE specifically.
  • A panel discussion on Cross-Cultural Success Stories of Women In Engineering: the idea is to have role models that represent the different parts of Region 8 (Middle East, Africa and Europe) to discuss the challenges and difficulties they faced in their work and volunteering careers along with their success stories in their respective fields.


W(I)E are active!

Borbála Hunyadi and Zhanna Khaymedinova

Date and time
Friday August 6, 11h15-12h30


The idea of workshop is to interactively discuss how to arrange different activities under the frames of Women In Engineering. The activities must be attractive and interesting. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be creative, active, enthusiastic. After sharing our experiences about past WIE activities in Leuven, we expect the participants to do the same. Think of a good and a bad example, either as a participant or an organizer! We will investigate both the strengths and drawbacks of these events, and possible ways to improve them. The main aspects of the discussion will be structured around the following questions: How to attract more people, especially women? How to advertise and promote WIE events? How to be successful and interactive? How to keep the participants awake? We are waiting for active collaboration and communication from participants. We are ready to discuss and learn from you!

For more information about the congress Programme click here

IEEE Region 8 Student Branch and GOLD Congress 2010 August 4-8 2010 Leuven, Belgium

[singlepic id=6 w= h= float=left]


Biannually, the student activities committee of IEEE Region 8 organizes a Student Branch and GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) Congress, where around 300 IEEE student branches members, gold members, women in engineering members and young engineering professionals from all over Region 8 (Europe, Asia and Africa) meet. Traditionally, this event is a melting pot of a variety of cultures and backgrounds, the perfect opportunity to share technical, social and professional experiences.

Previous editions of this congress were held in Istanbul (’98), Eindhoven (’00), Cairo (’02), Passau (’04), Paris (’06) and London (’08) as one of the biggest events in the world for young engineering professionals and students all aged less than 28 years. Region 8 Student Services encourages and supports local student branches to develop these activities, but also provides opportunities for the students branches to collaborate on bigger scale and exchange experience.

WIE is going to participate through the congress program and will have special workshops which are organized in pairs. The first of the paired workshops for WIE will be entitled “IEEE Women In Engineering, Importance and challenges” while the second one will be entitled “W(I)E are active!”.

In parallel to the Student Branch Congress, a Professional activities summit is organized on Saturday, August 7. For more information click here

This is an event that you don’t want to miss.  Different expert speakers will participate. Seize the chance to meet them up.
For more information about the congress speakers click here

Women In Engineering, Science, and Technology Forum “A Better Planet”

February 19, 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


While “Sustainability” is the main theme for the 6th IEEE GCC conference, this issue has become the main target of GCC government leaders. However to achieve this goal, the whole community, in particular the “women Community” must take part in different ways. This can be realized by enhancing the current and future female community with various aspects such as education, exposition to available sources, creating a well rounded knowledge about science and technology and learning from successful stories.


  • Recognizing the contribution of women in general and IEEE women members in particular and identifying role models.
  • Encouraging women to participate in the 6th IEEE GCC conference and submit articles for the conference.
  • Enhancing public awareness of IEEE and WIE.
  • Inspiring all WIE members to realize their potential to help change lives.
  • Creating opportunities for cross generational, disciplinary, and cultural learning.
  • Focusing on women in the profession.
  • Increasing industry awareness and support for academia.
  • Increasing awareness on Environmental issues.

For more information click here

Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering

We invite you to participate in the coming Global Marathon. The Seventh annual Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering – a live webcast and teleconference – will take place March 7-12, 2011. For more information please visit:

All presentations will be archived so if you miss it you can still log on and learn!

Watch current chairs and global participants prepare for the 2011 marathon.

Spread the news and Enjoy!

Summary of the WIE Munich-Passau First Meeting

On January 28th the Germany Section Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group and the Student Branch Passau WIE group and friends gathered for their first meeting at the Garching Forschungszentrum, close to Munich.

The program for the day was quite intensive and started with the visit of the Leibniz Rechenzentrum, where the group attended a facility tour and an impressive demo in the 3D visualization lab, followed by the talk “Refinement-Based Verification Of Interactive Real-Time Systems” given by Dr. Maria Spichkova (TUM) at GE Global Research premises. The technical program went on with lab tours with the MRI, Solar and High Power Electronics stations. At the end the participants left Garching for a networking dinner in the Munich city centre, where everybody could relax and exchange thoughts & impressions of the day.

More information at the link: http://ewh.ieee.org/mu/germany-wie/events/