Women In Engineering, Science, and Technology Forum “A Better Planet”

February 19, 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


While “Sustainability” is the main theme for the 6th IEEE GCC conference, this issue has become the main target of GCC government leaders. However to achieve this goal, the whole community, in particular the “women Community” must take part in different ways. This can be realized by enhancing the current and future female community with various aspects such as education, exposition to available sources, creating a well rounded knowledge about science and technology and learning from successful stories.


  • Recognizing the contribution of women in general and IEEE women members in particular and identifying role models.
  • Encouraging women to participate in the 6th IEEE GCC conference and submit articles for the conference.
  • Enhancing public awareness of IEEE and WIE.
  • Inspiring all WIE members to realize their potential to help change lives.
  • Creating opportunities for cross generational, disciplinary, and cultural learning.
  • Focusing on women in the profession.
  • Increasing industry awareness and support for academia.
  • Increasing awareness on Environmental issues.

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