How to maintain your YP Affinity Group?

This is a list of documents that will help you on managing your Affinity Group

This section intends to give you some ideas on events to organize:

  • STEP Program
  • Meetings
  • Social Events & Gatherings
  • Seminars & Lectures
  • Soft Skills Workshops
  • Humanitarian Workshops

New YP AG Officers Reporting:

New officers or officer changes are submitted via the vTools.OfficerReporting tool. Access to this tool requires use of an IEEE Account.

Reporting Activities:

It is VERY important that you report your activities:

  • Meeting Report L31 Form – Please include R8 YP committee mail ([email protected]) in the field “Email CC list:” Use IEEE Web Accounts as credentials. Your section will only get rebates if you report at least 2 meetings per year on time, so please make sure to do so!