vTools Event Report Submission Tutorial

All Affinity Groups need to submit reports of their events and meetings through the vTools Meeting system. These reports, previously called “L31 meeting reports”, and now simply “event reports”, help us and the IEEE MGA board know that your AG is active. In order to be considered active, a minimum of two events per year need to be submitted. If less than two events, or no events at all, are submitted for one year or more, you AG will be considered dormant and may be at risk of being dissolved! Below is a short tutorial on how to submit the event report, which will hopefully be useful to all of you and walk you through the entire process. This event reporting is also important since we will use these reports for judging the AGs nominated for the Region 8 Young Professionals Awards! You should submit all types of events hosted by your AG, including committee meetings, talks, workshops, social events etc. If you have any other questions or difficulties accessing the vTools Meeting platform, email us!


You can download the PDF tutorial here.


You can also find a video guide here.


For overall vTools tutorials, visit the tutorial page here.