Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award 2016 Winners

We are proud to present this year’s winners of the Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award:

  • Brigitte Lanz (Finland Young Professionals Affinity Group)
  • Ahmed Shalaby (Egypt Young Professionals Affinity Group)

For their continuous hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to promoting the Young Professionals mission and vision, and that of IEEE at large. Our biggest congratulations to you!

Volunteer award winners 2016
We would also like to congratulate all the other nominees! It is amazing to have to many dedicated volunteers in all parts of our Region! You are all doing a great work with your local groups, and we want to encourage you to keep it up; you are all vital to the success of Young Professionals!

Best of luck to everyone and your teams with your YP plans for this year! And don’t forget, we are here if you need any help or support!