Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award winners 2015

We are proud to present this year’s winners for the Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award! This year, the Award goes to:

  • Vinko Lesic, for his continuous dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work for IEEE as a whole and Young Professionals especially. His efforts are illustrated through his numerous contributions in various teams and committees at Section level, and all the programs and events organized as Young Professionals Croatia Affinity Group Chair, which include the signature Elevate program, where student members are introduced to Young Professionals and membership after graduation, workshops, lectures and presence in a variety of fairs and conferences to promote Young Professionals, organizing this year’s Central European Students and Young Professionals congress, in addition to bridging the gap between students and Young Professionals, and industry and academia.
  • Samarth Deo, for his continuous efforts and dedication in promoting Young Professionals in his Section, and working to bring together students, Young Professionals and WiE, in his roles in the Section’s executive committee and as past Young Professionals Sweden Affinity Group Chair, as well as organizing the first edition of the Nordic Students and Young Professionals Congress.

An honorable mention is awarded to Eddy Deeb, for his efforts, enthusiasm and hard work to revive the Young Professionals Lebanon Affinity Group, and the events he and his team have organized this year.

Finally, we would like to praise all the nominees we have had for all their dedication and work! We had lots of nominations which have made the selection process very difficult. We consider ourselves very lucky to be part of a Region that has so many outstanding volunteers, from each of its corners. Our warmest congratulations to Vinko, Samarth and Eddy, and we look forward to receiving many more remarkable nominations next year!