IEEE Region Action for Industry Committee is Glad to present the last event on “IEEE BLOCKCHAIN – AROUND THE WORLD & AFRICA HIGHLIGHT” that has been held in 19 December 2023 at IEEE Tunisian Student and Young professional Congress program


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Dive into the electrifying world of blockchain and join the global conversation. This dynamic session brings together a powerhouse of minds from across the globe, each illuminating a unique facet of the blockchain revolution and sharing their insights and experiences (IEEE standards, Academia, National projects, industry uses cases)


The panel was moderated by

Mrs Nihel ben Youssef. Cybersecurity trainer. IEEE Region8 Afi Initiatives and Events leader. industry ambassador at IEEE Tunisia Section.


✨Introducing our esteemed panelists✨:

Mr. Ramesh Ramadoss: Co-Founder and current Chair of the IEEE Blockchain Technical Community., Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology.
Mr. Gora Datta: Holding the position of Vice Chair at IEEE Blockchain Technical Community, he also serves as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. Emerging & Evolving world of IEEE Blockchain Technical Community (BCTC).
Mr. Dominic Damoah: Currently the Academic Dean at Valley View University in Ghana.Beyond Cryptocurrency: Blockchain’s Trailblazing Journey in African Innovation.
Mr. Oludele Awodele: Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and AI. Opportunities in the Current Landscape of Blockchain Adoption in Nigeria.
Mr. Mohamed Hamdi: A renowned Cybersecurity Expert associated with the Arab ICT organization and a Full Professor at SUP’COM, Tunisia.The Arab Blockchain-based Forensics Chain of Custody Platform.
Mr. Tarek Kammoun: CEO of K2LIS. Blockchain in Action in Africa: Marine Traceability and Academic integrity