Chapters Coordination Committee 2022


To serve as an action body to help build relationships between R8 Chapters and their parent Societies and Technical Councils, to encourage the good management and vigor of R8 Chapters, and to investigate and encourage the formation of R8 Chapters. To report to the Region 8 Committee on Chapter issues and act as an interface with IEEE Societies and TAB on Chapter related questions.

  1. Establish and maintain communications with all R8 Chapters.
  2. Assist the Sections and the Societies in the creation of new R8 Chapters in locations where Society membership is sufficient to justify such formations.
  3. Establish (by the individual actions of the committee members) links with the Society governing committees (AdCom or Board of Governors) and Society chapter-coordinators, with the objective of encouraging the Society to maintain interest in and financially support its Chapters in Region 8.
  4. Establish links with the Region 8 Chapters Chairs to encourage them to liaise with their parent Societies, to make use of Society DL Programs and to improve the management and activities of the Chapters.
  5. Encourage Chapters to organize workshops, short courses, symposia, etc. should be given.
  6. Encourage R8 Section Chairs to take an interest in and to support their Chapters.
  7. Encourage attendance of R8 Chapter Chairs at Chapter Chairs meetings arranged by Societies and Divisions, and to the extent appropriate, participate in any such meetings held in R8.


Andrejs Romanovs



Albert Lysko

(South Africa)

Past Chair

Aleksandar Mastilovic

(Serbia and Montenegro)


Wynand Lambrechts

(South Africa)

Matej Pacha


Toni Mattila




Anna Litvinenko


Muhammad Al-Barham


Liaison from SAC

Rawan El Jamal


Liaison from YP


Corresponding members (ex officio):

Division Directors from Region 8:

Society/Council Presidents from Region 8:



Email:  chapters.officer<AT>


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