Standards Coordination

The current team

David Law (United Kingdom), Chair

Almir Badnjevic
(Bosnia and Herzegovina), Member

Vikass Monebhurrun (France), Corresponding member

Region 8 Coordination for Standards

The Standards Coordination Sub-Committee may offer the following opportunities:

  • Standards speakers for events and conferences.
  • Whole standards tracks at events and conferences.
  • Section and student branch events.
  • Standards events.

About the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA)

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is a globally recognized standards-setting body which develops consensus standards through an open process that brings diverse parts of an industry together. These standards set specifications and procedures to ensure that products and services are fit for their purpose and perform as intended. The IEEE-SA has a portfolio of more than 870 completed standards and more than 400 standards in development. Over 15,000 IEEE members worldwide belong to IEEE-SA and voluntarily participate in standards activities. For further information on IEEE-SA, see the Standards Association website.

If you wish to learn more about the development of IEEE Standards, visit the IEEE Standards Development website. Here you can find out about the standards process, how to join IEEE-Standards Association, training material, a standards companion, standards and operation manuals, and FAQs. Even if you are unable to attend IEEE standards development meetings in person many Working Groups operate website and email reflectors where their activities can be followed. Please see the list of Working Group Areas.