Fourth Event of ‘Early Career Talks’ Call for Participation

IEEE WIE UKI goal is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. We envision a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity. IEEE WIE UK and Ireland through the Ambassador Scheme are calling women in engineering to participate in a technical, inspirational, and empowering session tagged “EARLY CAREER TALKS”. The first events held on April 8th, October 16th and 11th December 2021 were very successful, they have attracted attention from both academia and industry.


This fourth event converges the novel (state-of-the-Art) research areas in Engineering besides establishing networking/collaboration links, exploring new research opportunities for developing interactions between Academia, Industry and Government fostering economic and social development.

Criteria for who should apply and how to apply:

This programme supports engineers from academia or industry who have been in an industry/postgraduate position for less than 10 years. This session welcomes speakers/presenters from any part of the world who are:

  • PhD students close to graduation and have published papers in respectful conferences/journals.
  • Engineers who have participated in innovative projects.

When applying, send your photo saved as an image and include the following information in a one-word document:

  1. Area of career (academia/industry);
  2. Research interests or work field (e.g Robotic systems or Harvesting Systems);
  3. Talk title and What the talk will be about (100-word);
  4. Speaker bio (including links and web pages).

Workshop details:


The call for Fourth Event of ‘Early Career Talk’ closes at 11:59 pm Jan. 24 th, 2022

The Session will be held and delivered virtually on Friday Feb. 18th, 2022, at 11 am.


If you would like to participate in this exciting workshop, please email the documents required to Dr Nagham Saeed (IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors Network lead) on [email protected].


Recommended email title is: “Opportunity to participate in Early Career Talk”. We look forward to receiving your submission.


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