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IEEE WIE Africa Student Writing Competition

In celebration of 25 years of IEEE Women in Engineering, WIE Affinity Groups across Africa collaboratively present; “A Student Writing Competition 2022″.


Each applicant may enter one piece of the following question; “Which Woman inspires you the most in the STEM career?”.


The essay will be written in English up to 1000 words. The final essays will be put forward to a prestigious judging panel and shortlisted.  Results from the competition will be announced in 3 weeks at a Mega WIE Africa online event on 26th November 2022.


Eligibility: The applicant must be a female student attending an African University.  Closing date is 6th November 2022.


Essay submission link:

IEEE Region 8 – Strategy Retreat 2022 – Geneva

Some photos from the organization of the 2022 IEEE R8 Strategy Retreat for identifying possible approaches to creating and maintaining a healthy volunteer pipeline, improve student retention, and expand financial sources.




After 6 editions of being the flagship conference of the IEEE Italy Section, the RTSI2022 (Research and Technologies for Society and Industry) forum has been held August 24-26, 2022 in the Jussieu Campus of Sorbonne University Paris, France.



It was organized by IEEE France Section and co-sponsored by IEEE Region 8, Italy and UKRI Sections. RTSI2022 was able to gather around hundred participants coming from all around the world.



The main objective of RTSI2022 was to bring together researchers and industry practitioners in the technical fields covered by IEEE in order to:

  • promote and strengthen partnerships and cooperation between academia and industry;
  • increase understanding and awareness of how engineering and technology can have a positive impact on the quality of life;
  • promote discussion in between the research community and government agencies on effective and successful research policies;
  • disseminate the latest progress, discoveries and innovative applications;
  • promote cooperation between researchers working in different fields of research.

The R8 Director, Antonio Luque did chair the opening session. Then RTSI2022 gave the opportunity to attend:

  • 4 Special Sessions:
    • Antennas Design for Communication, Sensing and Characterization Methods
    • Intelligence Artificial and the COVID’19 Crisis
    • Sensors for a Smarter World
    • Smart Medical Devices

  • 5 Technical Tracks:
    • Communication Systems
    • Computer Engineering
    • Control, Robotics & Signal Processing
    • Electronics, Microelectronics & System Integration
    • Power & Energy


  • 4 Tutorials :
    • Humans and Semiconductors Interface: Energy Efficiency and Edge Artificial Intelligence
    • Context Awarness and Collaborative Work
    • Power-to-X: an Opportunity for Cross-Sectoral Integration
    • The IoT World and 5G Networking Concepts


  • 4 Panels:
    • Prediction of Failures in the Industrial Sector
    • Action for Industry (AFI from IEEE R8)
    • Ethical Assurance of Autonomous Algorithmic Systems
    • Future Directions of Communications: Vision, Standards and Requirements

  • 1 Student Forum

WIE/WIP Panel at Power Africa Conference 2022

Collaborative engagement in advancing STEM education in the power sector

Tremendous work and deliberate efforts have been put in place to promote the engagement of Women in Engineering and Women in Power globally. This continues to bear fruit as we have witnessed improved statistics, engagement, and progress in the aspects of work-life balance, breaking barriers of gender biases and representation in executive positions across the sectors.


However, there is room for improvement, while at the same time encouraging the younger generations to invest their time, careers, and research in STEM. Early mentorship of students from primary to university/tertiary levels through scholarships, internships and employment opportunities, play a pivotal role in supporting the education sector. It is essential to incorporate the intentional engagement of industry into the STEM academia to spark progress in key decision-making sectors and drive policy.


This panel seeks to deliberate on the existing opportunities in the power sectors and engineering that encourages the continuous engagement of STEM education and the current structures across the region that supports such engagement.


The panelists’ bios can be viewed on:


WIE Track at IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professionals Congress 2022

IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professionals Congress 2022 held in Tunis, Tunisia, from the 3rd to 7th of August. All participants has the opportunity to connect with each other but also to explore new opportunities and meet with the representatives from the various IEEE Region 8 Committees. IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering had a strong representation, through a full WiE track which consisted of:


Opening Ceremony Keynote:
Overall view of the WIE program and information, WIE team and details of the WIE track at the SYP Tunisia.
Please find the slides in this link.
Speaker: Wafa ben Hmida


Session: What does keystroke dynamics tell us about emotion and how AI can intuitively humanize computer interaction?
Speaker: Ilham Kallel
Abstract: Does keystroke dynamics tell us about emotions? and how Artificial Intelligence can intuitively humanize computer interaction?


Keynote 1:

Session: Managing a career along with a successful volunteer journey

Speaker: Margaretha Eriksson


– Why Volunteering is a career booster at work

– What you learn as a volunteer and how to use that knowledge at in life and at work

– How to chose your volunteering activities to support your professional development as leader and manager

– How volunteering makes you a better manager and leader


After the workshop you will know how to align your volunteering activities and work career to become a successful engineer and leader.


Keynote 2:

Session: Technology Challenges and Market Demand

Speaker: Samina Husain

Abstract: This presentation will review market demands, and the challenges and opportunities they present.  It will cover subjects from the home to the streets, such as viewing time of broadcast TV and the potential use of Autonomous Vehicles.  How are these technologies being used? What is their future landscape? How does IEEE play a role?

The workshop will also include an open Q/A and discussion session with the audience.




2022-October – Cairo

This page contains information about the 119th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from Saturday 15 October 2022 to Sunday 16 October 2022.


Meeting agenda




18:00–19:30 Welcome reception: Egypt Section presentation and a cocktail, Cairo Marriott

19:30–20:00 Walk (5 min) to the boat on the Nile next to Marriott

20:00–22:00 Dinner on the boat Nile Maxim Restaurant cruising 2 hours on the Nile


08:00–17:30 Region 8 Committee meeting, Day 1. Aida Ballroom

13:05-14:05 Lunch. Almaz

18:00–18:30 Bus transfer to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

18:30–20:00 Visit of the museum exhibition and Pharaohs mummies (the golden parade)

20:00–23:00 Gala Dinner at the Museum garden with Awards Ceremony


08:00–13:15 Region 8 Committee meeting, Day 2. Aida Ballroom

13:30–14:30 Lunch. Omar’s Cafe


08:00–12:00 Giza Pyramids visit (optional)



Meeting Streaming

Network connection at Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

Network: MarriottBonvoy_Conference
Password: 526356

Invitation for Region8 Section Chairs, OpCom members, and Committee Chairs




2023-2024 R8 OpCom and 2023-2024 R8 N&A Committee Candidates

Dear Region 8 Committee members,

On behalf of the 2021-2022 Region 8 (R8) Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&AC) it is my pleasure to announce the slate of candidates for the incoming elections of the 2023-2024 R8 Operating Committee (OpCom) members and the 2023-2024 R8 N&AC members:

  • R8 Secretary (one position):

o   Ljupco Karadzinov, North Macedonia Section

  • R8 Treasurer (one position):

o   Adam Jastrzebski, UK & Ireland Section

  • R8 Vice Chair (VC) for Member Activities (MA) (one position):

o   Vinko Lesic, Croatia Section

o   Andrejs Romanovs, Latvia Section

  • R8 Vice Chair (VC) for Student Activities (SA) (one position):

o   Abdullateef Aliyu, Nigeria Section

o   Theodoros Panagiotis Chatzinikolaou, Greece Section

  • R8 Vice Chair (VC) for Technical Activities (TA) (one position):

o   Marios Antoniou, Cyprus Section

o   Albert Lysko, South Africa Section

  • R8 N&AC (3 positions):

o   Vicent Egessa, Kenya Section

o   Jan Haase, Germany Section

o   Ilhem Kallel, Tunisia Section

o   Dalius Navakauskas, Lithuania Section

o   Sergio Rapuano, Italy Section

o   Catarina Silva, Portugal Section


Note that to the previous slate, the names of any successful candidate by petition (for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and the three Vice Chairs) will be added, as mentioned on the R8 Operations Manual R8M-5:

“… In the case of the R8 Secretary, R8 Treasurer and the three R8 Vice Chairs (MA, SA, TA) a candidate may be added to the slate provided by the R8 N&A Committee by a petition including the signatures of at least 15 voting members of the R8 Committee. Valid signatories comprise anyone who is a voting member of the Committee during the calendar year in which the petition is submitted. If the petition is not submitted by the candidate, it must be accompanied by the written confirmation of the willingness of the candidate to serve if elected. The petition must be submitted to the Director or Secretary twenty-one (21) days before the election is due to take place, and after verification of validity, awareness of the additional candidate(s) must be made available to the R8 Committee fourteen (14) days before the election.”

This year, nominations by petition must reach the Region 8 Director by 25 September, 2022. Note that during the R8 Committee meeting, petition candidates from the floor will not be accepted.


All candidates’ biographies/IEEE activities/statements will be distributed to the R8 Committee members prior to the R8 Committee meeting in Cairo, Egypt, 14-16 October, 2022.

For all further details please refer to the IEEE R8 Bylaws and the IEEE R8 Operations Manual, available at the R8 website ( in the documents section ( In particular I would like to highlight that the R8 OpCom members (Secretary, Treasurer, VC MA, VC SA, VC TA) will be elected by the R8 Committee voting members (OpCom members and Section Chairs or their alternates), while the R8 N&AC members will be elected by the Section Chairs (or their alternates).


During the incoming R8 Committee meeting for those positions with just one candidate and for the R8 N&AC, no oral presentations will be necessary. The candidates for R8 VCs (MA, SA and TA) are expected to give a 5-minute presentation of themselves. Questions and Answers (Q&A) will follow.


If you have any question or comment please feel free to contact the R8 N&AC Chair, Magdalena Salazar Palma, at [email protected], or the R8 N&A Committee at [email protected] .

Best regards,



Magdalena Salazar Palma

IEEE Region 8 Nominations and Appointments Committee Chair