After 6 editions of being the flagship conference of the IEEE Italy Section, the RTSI2022 (Research and Technologies for Society and Industry) forum has been held August 24-26, 2022 in the Jussieu Campus of Sorbonne University Paris, France.



It was organized by IEEE France Section and co-sponsored by IEEE Region 8, Italy and UKRI Sections. RTSI2022 was able to gather around hundred participants coming from all around the world.



The main objective of RTSI2022 was to bring together researchers and industry practitioners in the technical fields covered by IEEE in order to:

  • promote and strengthen partnerships and cooperation between academia and industry;
  • increase understanding and awareness of how engineering and technology can have a positive impact on the quality of life;
  • promote discussion in between the research community and government agencies on effective and successful research policies;
  • disseminate the latest progress, discoveries and innovative applications;
  • promote cooperation between researchers working in different fields of research.

The R8 Director, Antonio Luque did chair the opening session. Then RTSI2022 gave the opportunity to attend:

  • 4 Special Sessions:
    • Antennas Design for Communication, Sensing and Characterization Methods
    • Intelligence Artificial and the COVID’19 Crisis
    • Sensors for a Smarter World
    • Smart Medical Devices

  • 5 Technical Tracks:
    • Communication Systems
    • Computer Engineering
    • Control, Robotics & Signal Processing
    • Electronics, Microelectronics & System Integration
    • Power & Energy


  • 4 Tutorials :
    • Humans and Semiconductors Interface: Energy Efficiency and Edge Artificial Intelligence
    • Context Awarness and Collaborative Work
    • Power-to-X: an Opportunity for Cross-Sectoral Integration
    • The IoT World and 5G Networking Concepts


  • 4 Panels:
    • Prediction of Failures in the Industrial Sector
    • Action for Industry (AFI from IEEE R8)
    • Ethical Assurance of Autonomous Algorithmic Systems
    • Future Directions of Communications: Vision, Standards and Requirements

  • 1 Student Forum