WIE Track at IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professionals Congress 2022

IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professionals Congress 2022 held in Tunis, Tunisia, from the 3rd to 7th of August. All participants has the opportunity to connect with each other but also to explore new opportunities and meet with the representatives from the various IEEE Region 8 Committees. IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering had a strong representation, through a full WiE track which consisted of:


Opening Ceremony Keynote:
Overall view of the WIE program and information, WIE team and details of the WIE track at the SYP Tunisia.
Please find the slides in this link.
Speaker: Wafa ben Hmida


Session: What does keystroke dynamics tell us about emotion and how AI can intuitively humanize computer interaction?
Speaker: Ilham Kallel
Abstract: Does keystroke dynamics tell us about emotions? and how Artificial Intelligence can intuitively humanize computer interaction?


Keynote 1:

Session: Managing a career along with a successful volunteer journey

Speaker: Margaretha Eriksson


– Why Volunteering is a career booster at work

– What you learn as a volunteer and how to use that knowledge at in life and at work

– How to chose your volunteering activities to support your professional development as leader and manager

– How volunteering makes you a better manager and leader


After the workshop you will know how to align your volunteering activities and work career to become a successful engineer and leader.


Keynote 2:

Session: Technology Challenges and Market Demand

Speaker: Samina Husain

Abstract: This presentation will review market demands, and the challenges and opportunities they present.  It will cover subjects from the home to the streets, such as viewing time of broadcast TV and the potential use of Autonomous Vehicles.  How are these technologies being used? What is their future landscape? How does IEEE play a role?

The workshop will also include an open Q/A and discussion session with the audience.