IEEE Members Elect Costas M. Stasopoulos as 2013-2014 Director-Elect for Region 8

[singlepic id=1425 float=left] Costas M. Stasopoulos, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus has been elected as the 2013-2014 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect. Pending acceptance of the Tellers Committee report by the IEEE Board of Directors on 11-12 November, Costas Stasopoulos will begin serving as IEEE Region 8 Director on 1 January 2015. He will succeed 2013-2014 IEEE Region 8 Director Martin J. Bastiaans.  Costas Stasopoulos has been the IEEE Region 8 Secretary from 2007 to present. The other candidate for 2013-2014 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect was Saurabh Sinha, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. Both candidates were nominated by IEEE Region 8.

2012 R8 Elections

During the IEEE Region 8 meeting in Tallinn elections were held for the OpCom and for the  N&A SubCommittee. Please see below the results of the elections:

  • R8 Treasurer (term 2013-2014)    Brian Harrington (UK&RI)
  • R8 Secretary (term 2013-2014)    Ali El-Mousa (Jordan)
  • R8  Vice Chair, Member Activities  (term 2013)    Aleksandar Szabo (Croatia)
  • R8  Vice Chair, Technical Activities (term 2013)   Carl Debono (Malta)
  • R8  Vice Chair, Student Activities (term 2013)       Pablo Herrero (Germany)
  • N&A SubCommittee members (term 2013-2014):
    1. Pierre Borne (France)
    2. Elias Nassar (Lebanon)
    3. Maciej Ogorzalek (Poland)

R8 Election – OpCom and N&A SubCommittee

Dear R8 Committee Members,

As you know,  OpCom and N&A SubCommittee elections will be held during the Region 8 Committee meeting in Tallinn.
I have a pleasure to inform you that the R8 Nominations & Appointments SubCommittee has approved the following Slates of Candidates:

R8 Treasurer
1. Brian Harrington (UK&RI)

R8 Secretary

1. Ali El-Mousa (Jordan)
2. Hafidh Al-Samarrai (West Saudi Arabia)

Vice Chair – Member Activities

1. Christopher James (UK&RI)
2. Aleksandar Szabo (Croatia)

Vice Chair – Technical Activities

1. Carl Debono (Malta)
2. Elya Joffe  (Israel)

Vice Chair – Student Activities
1. Pablo Herrero (Germany)
2.  Jan Verveckken (Benelux)

N&A SubCommittee
 (3 places)
1. Goce Arsov (Macedonia)
2. Pierre Borne (France)
3. Mourad Loulou (Tunisia)
4. Irina Naidionova (Lithuania)
5. Elias Nassar (Lebanon)
6. Maciek Ogorzalek (Poland)
7. Thanos Skordas (Greece)
8. Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh (Iran)
9. Nicolae Tapus (Romania)

All candidates satisfy relevant requirements and have confirmed their willingness to run.

Additional candidates may be added to the slates by petition, signed by a minimum of 15 R8 Committee members eligible to vote in the election (voting members:  56 Section Chairs and  8 OpCom  members). Petition must be submitted to R8 Director (Marko Delimar) or Secretary (Costas Stasopulos)  before the deadline of September 8, 2012.

Bios and satatements of all candidates will be sent to you before September 22

Best regards
Jozef Modelski 
N&A SubCommittee Chair

IEEE Annual Election – Polls just opened

Dear IEEE Region 8 members,

The polls for the IEEE Annual Election are open from 15 August to 30 September 2012. Your participation will only take a few minutes and is paramount for the future of the IEEE.

The Annual Election gives you a unique opportunity to set the direction of our organisation. Do not miss the opportunity to exercise your influence on the priorities the IEEE will take in the next few years. Please study the candidate platforms and their past activities, and select those whose track record, proposals and vision are in line with your own vision of the future of IEEE.

Among others, you will be voting for the 2013-2014 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect. The candidates are:

Candidates’ official biographies are here: http://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/election/reg8.html.

In addition to the two candidates above, there are several other volunteers running for important IEEE offices, including IEEE President, IEEE Technical Activities Vice-President and Division Directors. All details about the IEEE Annual Election, the full list of all candidates, their biographies and position statements can be found here: http://www.ieee.org/elections. If you have questions about the election, send them to corp-election@ieee.org.

To access your ballot now, follow this link http://www.ieee.org/elections (you will need your IEEE account username and password for authentication).

Please help IEEE by making your voice heard. Please vote!

Thank you and best regards,

Marko Delimar
IEEE Region 8 Director


1.  IEEE Region 8 2013-2014 Director Elect shall be elected by the voting members of the Region 8 (ballot in August-September 2012). Current  slate of candidates nominated by R8 Committee consists of:

  • Saurabh Sinha (South Africa Section)
  • Costas Stasopoulos (Cyprus Section)

2.  The following members of the IEEE Region 8 OpCom shall be elected during the 2012 Fall Region 8 Committee Meeting:

  • IEEE Region 8 2013-2014 Secretary (two years commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2013-2014 Treasurer (two years commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2013 Vice Chair, Member Activities (one year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2013 Vice Chair, Student Activities (one year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2013 Vice Chair, Technical Activities (one year commitment)

CALL for NOMINATIONS will be announced during the 2012 Spring R8 Committee Meeting in Berlin.

3.  Three new members of the R8 Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee (term 2013-2014 ) shall be elected during the 2012 Fall Region 8 Committee Meeting.

CALL for NOMINATIONS will be announced during  the 2012 Spring R8 Committee Meeting in Berlin.


According to the IEEE REGION 8 OPERATIONS MANUAL – p. R8-6.1.2:

The Region 8 Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Subcommittee shall identify qualified candidates for elected and appointed positions of Region 8 and its Committees including candidates for the Director-Elect slate.

The Region 8 Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Subcommittee shall consist of the following members:

  • Region 8 Director
  • Past Region 8 Director
  • Director-Elect
  • Three members elected for a period of 2 years renewable, by the R8 Section Chairs.

Candidates must fulfill one of the following criteria at the time of their election:

  • be a Section Chair in office
  • have been a Section Chair within the past 3 years
  • have been a Section Chair and currently holding an elected or appointed position of the R8 Committee.

The Region 8 Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Subcommittee shall:

  1. Submit to the Region 8 Committee, to the Director of Region 8, or to the Region 8 Vice-Chairs as case defined in the IEEE, MGA Board, Region 8 Bylaws or Operations Manuals, a list of candidates recommended for election or appointment on 1 January of the following year, in time for election or appointment before 31 December or as otherwise called for in the Region 8 Bylaws or this Operations Manual.
  2. Submit to the Board of Directors, after the approval of the R8 Committee, a slate of at least two and not more than three candidates for Region 8 Director-Elect In the case of the election process involving more than one candidate, the Region 8 N&A Subcommittee slate of candidates, including biographies and position statements, shall be made available to all members of the Region 8 Committee at least twenty-eight days (28) before the Region 8 Committee meeting at which the election shall take place or the slate approved. The order of names for each position will be randomised.

Each candidate for a Region 8 Committee-elected position may have a Committee Delegate as an advocate. The advocate will present the candidate’s background and qualifications to the Region 8 Committee.

When a meeting is convened to make the recommendations for the R8 Director-Elect slate, the current Director-Elect shall take no part in that aspect of the meeting.

A member of the Region 8 N&A Subcommittee who does not resign from that Subcommittee by 1 May is not eligible to be nominated by the Region 8 N&A Subcommittee for any position to be filled by the Region 8 Committee. Candidates for the office of Region 8 Director-Elect are exempt from this provision.

* * *

2011 – 2012 MEMBERS

  • Józef Modelski (Poland) – Chair
  • Marko Delimar (Croatia) – ex-officio
  • Martin Bastiaans (Benelux) – ex-officio
  • Terje Gjengedal (Norway) – elected
  • Samir Shaheen (Egypt) – elected
  • Tunde Salihu (Nigeria) – elected