R8 Humanitarian Awards

Region 8 Outstanding Section / Student Branch SIGHT Group of the Year Award



Deadline: 15 June 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • All active R8 Section / Student Branch SIGHT Groups;
  • Reported up-to-date officer roster on vTools;
  • Reported at least 2 SIGHT activities on vTools in the past year;
  • Implemented effective engagement with the local community supporting the uptake of the appropriate technologies and/or a local community project funded by HTB in the last two years with submitted final project report.

Nomination Process

Section / Student Branch SIGHT Groups submit an application ideally using the IEEE Region 8 Awards platform. There will be a form to complete requiring:

  • Confirmation of eligibility requirements;
  • Outstanding and sustainable achievement within their local community;
  • Contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • External and internal collaborations;
  • SIGHT activities portfolio;
  • Submission of funded project reports;
  • Recommendations from Section Chair or/and (for Student Branch SIGHT Groups only) Student Branch Chair / Counselor.

Evaluation Criteria

The applications will be evaluated on at least the following criteria:

  • Overall activity status of the SIGHT Group;
  • Quality of SIGHT activities and motivation;
  • Local impact of SIGHT activities;
  • Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Established collaborations and partnerships;
  • Promotion of IEEE and SIGHT values;
  • Not already recognized in the past three years with the same award.


Deadline follows the IEEE Region 8 Awards official deadline.


There will be a single winner of a monetary prize accompanied with a certificate/plaque for each category (Section / Student Branch). The cash prize will be considered to promote SIGHT activities. If no Section / Student Branch SIGHT Group is eligible for the award, no prize will be awarded.