Mentorship Program

Benefit from R8 WIE Mentorship Program!


The Mentorship Program starts by sharing your successful events with R8 WIE by sending us an email on [email protected] or write us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


With this program, you can:

  • Participate as a mentor: suggest a successful event you held in your Section and would like to help replicate in another Section 
  • Participate as a mentee: suggest an event you would like to host in your Section, and we will find a mentor who has previously organized a similar one to help you! 


The proposed list of events includes but is not limited to:

Section and SB AGs can participate in various events organized within their Section. Examples: 

  • Be present in Section events under the name of IEEE WIE as much as possible 
  • Volunteer to help your Section organize its activities such as conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Have a short plenary session during IEEE Day and other events to introduce WIE
  • Remember, the Section is always there to support you with organizing your own events too! 

Networking activities: 

  • WIE Leadership Summits
  • Panel where 2 to 5 successful women in STEM are invited to present short talks and interact with attendees during a Q&A session
  • Coffee talks 
  • Seminar related to women in STEM (status, achivements, challenges faced, etc.) 
  • Participate in / organize a celebration for the International Women’s day (March 8)
  • Contact companies in various fields of technology and offer to introduce IEEE and WIE to their employees during a short session

Professional development events. Examples:

  • Leadership workshop
  • Body language workshop
  • Interview training sessions
  • Engineering ethics discussions

Social responsibility activities: 

  • Give computer or Internet introductory sessions in remote underprivileged areas 
  • Participate in / organize a breast cancer awareness campaign in October
  • Visit orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps to spend some time with the less fortunate 
  • Collaborate with a charity or NGO and offer to help (maybe they need an engineer to help them fix something, or just someone to help out with their activities…) 
  • Collaborate with other NGOs targeting women and participate in their activities whenever possible
  • Find an engineering solution to a community problem. You can even participate in EPICS in IEEE

Technical events: 

Although the aspect of WIE (as well as all IEEE Affinity Groups) is non-technical, Section and Student Branch AGs are encouraged to participate in the technical conferences / workshops organized within their Section: 

  • Volunteer with the organizing team 
  • Help with advertisement and news spreading 
  • Distribute flyers introducing WIE 
  • Give a small appreciation gift for female researchers who presented their papers and / or for female speakers 
  • Have a booth and distribute introductory flyers and promotional material to the participants (link)
  • Organize competitions, which may not necessarily be technical. Be creative! 

In-Section collaboration among AGs: 

  • Section AGs are encouraged to keep constant connection with SB AGs within their Section 
  • Section AGs are encouraged to identify SBs within their Section where new WIE SB AGs could be formed, and support these SB AGs during their formation stage 
  • Section AGs are encouraged to supervise and mentor newly created SB AGs within their Section
  • SB AGs are encouraged to keep constant connection with their Section’s AG
  • SB AGs are encouraged to closely cooperate with their SB, and mutually help each other in all activities within the Student Branch 
  • Remember: collaboration is key to success!

Don’t forget to have fun! Organize the following activities for your AG members, and possibly for all the Section’s AG and SB AG members: 

  • Casual Outing 
  • Movie screening or going to the cinema 
  • Pizza night 
  • Camping, ski trips, etc. 
  • Group games, such as “escape the room” and others
  • Sports tournament
  • Rally paper

Important: send us your news and pictures taken during each event: please send us an email on [email protected] or write us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Also, contact us if you want to be a mentor or mentee, and if you have any questions or suggestions for more events as well!