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R8 Young Professionals Newsletter 2017 [3rd edition]

Yet another Region 8 Young Professionals Newsletter issue! This time, we have refreshed the design of the newsletter to match the new Young Professionals logo; we hope you like it!

Throughout this newsletter, you will get the chance to run into some already known familiar sections, as well as some brand new topics, like our role in humanitarian activities and how to handle a career shift in your professional life. And no, we didn’t forget, hot hot hot: Cross-Sectional Student and Young Professionals Congresses took place this year! You can read about our adventures in this issue. When finished, pick the one closest to you and meet us there in 2019!

To download the .pdf version, click here R8YP_Newsletter_2017.pdf

If you wish to contribute with material for the next edition (2018), you can reach us at r8yp@ieee.org. Feedback and input for improvements are always most welcome!

Yours truly,

Region 8 Young Professionals team


R8 Young Professionals Newsletter 2016 [2nd edition]

We are happy to share with you the newest issue of the Region 8 Young Professionals Newsletter! The new number has a few changes, based on the feedback you all gave us. Have a look at the success story shared by the Croatia Young Professionals Group, 10 reasons why you should attend the R8 Student and Young Professional Congress 2016, career advice, and a letter from the Region 8 Director, Costas Stasopoulos, sharing his experience and advice. If you wish to contribute with material for the next issue (autumn 2016), contact us. We are also happy to hear your opinion and feedback about the Newsletter!

Download the R8 Young Professionals Newsletter here!



R8 Young Professionals Newsletter 2015 [1st edition]

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our very first Industry Newsletter, written from one Young Professional to another.
Go through the document and get a feeling of what is going on in your Region, ranging from new YP AGs and what are they up to, to the European Union Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan to an overview of the job market in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

Young Professionals Industry Newsletter Download