Serie of Webinars: WiE Week of Well-being


Be aware of our mental health is very important. This pandemic situation affects all of us differently and we lead with it in different ways.

Even without the actual pandemic, mental health is very important and all of us should give it special attention.


June 16th is the first day of the Series of Webinars organized by IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Portugal and Turkey Affinity Groups.


As first of these events, we will talk about well-being and positive thinking, targeting who could benefit from new and different perspectives

to practice mental health – Series of Webinars: WIE Week of Well-being:


We have 5 speakers from around the world, each of them will give us a different perspective on how to lead with our emotional issues:

Here is the schedule of the event:

  • “Mental Fortitude”, with Ebony Wiley 16 June 6 PM CET
  • “Discover Flow – Where joy meets performance”, with Mirna Šmidt 23 June 11:30 AM CET
  • “Self-care: The #1 Key To a Sustainable Career for Women in Engineering”, with Aisha Moore 24 June 3:30 PM CET
  • “Do you still want to be a superhero and save the world?”, with Rui Neves da Silva 28 June 5 PM CET
  • “Is it time to focus on Healthspan, instead of Lifespan?”, with Cenk Tezcan 29 June 7 PM CET

Join us to learn how to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Attendance is free but registration is required: